Unisa Finalises Response To Investigation Allegations


Several allegations were made against South Africa’s largest university and its management after an independent assessor was appointed to look into the university's affairs. The institution is set to issue an official response soon as consultations have concluded. 



The University of South African (Unisa) is the largest university in South Africa by enrolments, with around 400,000 students from across South Africa, Africa, and other parts of the world.

According to Unisa, the institution's executive council has finalised its response to Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande on the findings of the independent investigation.

The response came after Minister Nzimande commissioned Professor Themba Mosia, an independent assessor to look into Unisa’s affairs.

In March, the probe was completed, and the official report was released, citing several allegations of maladministration and tender irregularities.

Mosia further advised that the university's management and council should be "relieved of their duties" and the institution placed under administration.  

He stressed, "Unisa experienced poor governance for a long time, and the process for the appointment of members of the council should be strengthened."

In addition, the report flagged concerns on various issues including the performance of management and the council the state of governance at the institution, financial management, upgrades to the vice-chancellor's home, claims of intimidation and bullying, and the leaking of confidential reports.

Unisa says the council sat on Wednesday to conclude some outstanding governance and oversight matters and finalise its response to Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande.

In a statement Unisa noted:

Council also finalised and approved its response to the report of the Independent Assessor appointed by Minister Nzimande to look into the affairs of Unisa. The response will reach the Minister’s office within the stipulated time frame agreed to between the Minister and Council.

Unisa said the council proceeded to ratify the filling of existing vacancies, thus completing a process that commenced several months ago in anticipation of the pending end of the terms of certain members as well as the need to fill other vacancies that already existed at the time.

They noted, “Two other vacancies, occasioned by recent resignations, have also been filled.”

The council added that they look forward to Nzimande’s response and guidance on the matter and they are committed to any further engagements with him should the need arise.

Furthermore, they also expressed displeasure about the leaking of documents, including its draft response, before the meeting on Wednesday. The council has called for serious action to be taken against those found to be involved in leaking the documents.

Unisa says the response will reach Minister Nzimande's office within an agreed time frame.


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