What “Self Exclusionary Response Found” SRD Status Means


The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) revealed that all applicants applying for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant will be subjected to tests to ensure they qualify for the grant. One status that applicants have been receiving is "exclusionary response found". 




More than 14 million people applied for the SRD grant in its previous iterations. However not every applicant who applied for the grant was approved for payment.

Of the 14 million people who applied, around 10 million people were approved for payment and received their money. 

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It is expected that less people will qualify for the R350 grant as Sassa changed the qualifying criteria. Some unsuccessful applicants have received a rejection status that reads “Self Exclusionary Response Found”. 

What Does The “Self Exclusionary Response Found” SRD Status Mean?

Sassa said, “Information provided on the application form indicates that the applicant is already receiving support of funds more than R350 per month, or stays in a government facility and therefore does not qualify for the grant.”

The agency has advised clients to read the declaration and consent forms in detail. 

If you feel that Sassa was incorrect in their assessment of your grant application, you can appeal your rejection status by submitting a reconsideration request. 




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