What is ABET?



South Africa’s higher education department estimated that 4,4 million adults living in South Africa are illiterate. Adult Basic Education And Training (ABET) is viewed as a critical mechanism to improve education levels amongst adults in the country.




Adult Basic Education And Training (ABET) is available to adults wanting to complete their basic education. Adults who enrol in ABET courses will gain knowledge in basic literacy and numeracy

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) defines ABET as the general conceptual foundation for lifelong learning and development. ABET learners will gain knowledge, skills and attitudes which the DBE believes is required for social, economic and political participation.

ABET includes education in Language, literacy and communication, mathematical literacy, mathematics and mathematical sciences, natural science, arts and culture, life orientation, technology, human and social science and economic and management science.

ABET is offered on four levels, each having an equivalent to a traditional school.

ABET Level 1 = Grade 3

ABET Level 2 = Grade 5

ABET Level 3 = Grade 7

ABET Level 4 = Grade 9

Once learners complete ABET courses, they will be able to participate in the Senior Certificate (SC) Examinations and gain their matric qualification.

There are nine CET centres in South Africa, one in each province. However, there are many satellite campuses in communities around the country where adults can enrol in ABET courses.





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