What Are Schools of Specialisation And Why They Matter


The South African Higher Education sector has introduced a number of measures to ensure that the skills gap in the country can be filled. Here’s how the Department of Basic (DBE) is playing its part.



Schools of Specialisation (SoS) provide sector-specific skills to learners with the aim of addressing the skills shortages in the South African economy.  

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) explained that these schools specialise in the teaching of Mathematics, Science and IT; Commerce and Entrepreneurship; Performing and Creative Arts; Engineering; and Sports with the aim of meeting a specific municipality's economic focus.

These schools aim to bridge the gap between Grade 12 and further education and employment, while leveraging partnerships to expand learner and teacher support. They also look to expand learning opportunities so that the impact on employment is visible in the country.

The province of Gauteng is divided into five economic corridors. SoS’s are strategically placed in these five economic corridors and municipalities, as they work towards that municipality's economic focus.

Here Are The The Five Economic Corridors In Gauteng And Their Economic Focus

  1. Northern Corridor - located in Tshwane Municipality. Their economic focus relates to automotive research and innovation. SoS’s in this area provide a curriculum offering Mathematics Science and Technology as well as Technical and Engineering. 
  2. Central Corridor - located in the City of Johannesburg Municipality. Their economic focus is around Finance and Services. SoS’s in this area focus on a curriculum containing Commercial and Entrepreneurship as well as Performing and Creative Arts. 
  3. Western Corridor - located in the West Rand Municipality. Economic focus on Agro-processing, tourism and logistics. SoS’s in this area provide a curriculum offering Mathematics Science and Technology, Sport and Commercial and Entrepreneurship. 
  4. Southern Corridor - located in Sedibeng Municipality. Economic focus on Tourism and Entertainment, Agro-processing, logistics. SoS’s in this area provide a curriculum offering Performing and Creative Arts, Mathematics Science and Technology and Commercial and Entrepreneurship. 
  5. Eastern Corridor - located in Ekurhuleni. Economic focus on Manufacturing, transport and logistics. SoS’s in this area provide a curriculum offering Mathematics Science and Technology and Technical and Engineering. 

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