What Entrepreneurs Need To Know


The future of how working individuals do business and where they work from is changing. More and more people start their own businesses and companies are more lenient to let their staff work from home or remotely.



Technology has made way for work spaces to change. It makes it much easier to sit in South Africa at a coffee shop and do business in Switzerland with things like Skype.

Our global economy is growing fast. More and more companies, especially the smaller ones, want to keep their overheads low, and for that reason will rather pay an individual a data or internet allowance than signing a fixed rental contract with a landlord for office space. Who needs an office when a coffee shop has free Wi-Fi and good coffee? Plug in some earphones and communicate via email. Yes noted that this can’t be done with all occupations all the time. But if you have a laptop, tablet, car and mobile phone you are pretty geared to work almost anywhere.

This is not only true of early-stage entrepreneurs, but also, for example, women who need to work and have a specific skill set, but realize that family, kids and life experiences are an important part of their quality of life. More and more fathers want to be at their children’s sports games.

However, this being said, how do you as an entrepreneur or remote employee make sure you stay at the top of the skills ladder? Simple! The Mindspa Institute offers public courses in various skills segments and is offered on a monthly basis in every major region. 

Entrepreneurs or remote employees tend to forget that they are not being given the opportunity to continue their skills development by a training officer in the HR department. They have to look after themselves and make sure that things like their stress and time are managed correctly. The latest in sales techniques, communication and negotiation skills and also presentation skills are to name but a few skills that need continuous attention.

When entrepreneurs start their businesses, most have the winning idea or are the creative one behind the venture, but don’t necessarily have the business skills to manage or lead their business towards success and growth. The Mindspa Institute assist through their public courses, offering skill courses like understanding finance for non-financial manager, or developing your leadership and even how to do effective business writing.

If a person works for themselves or remotely, these individual tend to be more output driven than time driven anyway. Given, this is not true of all employees, but organizations that provides Flexi hours or support working from home a few days a week, are growing none the less.

The responsibility then remains with these individuals to invest in their own skills. They need to make sure that they don’t fall behind with their education. The management of organizations realized that if they don’t give skilled employees the option to work remotely, they might lose them because these individuals might start their own business to make flexibility possible.

Any organization who is successful, know that employees are their biggest asset and they need to take care of them. Most companies will pay for remote employees to continuously develop their skills.

Remain an asset to any type of business, whether it’s your own or someone else’s by investing in the constant development of your skills. As the body needs the training to stay in shape, so does the mind. 




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