What Is The UIF Claim Process?



The sudden loss of income in South Africa is partly cushioned by the relief provided by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Understanding the process of claiming this relief is beneficial for all South Africans. 



The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides temporary financial assistance to people who have lost income due to several unique circumstances. Individuals can access this financial assistance if they meet the eligibility criteria and complete the claims process. 

UIF contributors can claim benefits for several different circumstances. These circumstances include loss of income due to unemployment,  illness leave, parental leave, adoption leave, reduced work time and maternity leave. The UIF also pays benefits to dependents of deceased UIF contributors.

Contributors can submit a UIF claim to access the relief provided by the fund. They will be required to meet the eligibility criteria and submit all the supporting documentation to substantiate the claim. 

The UIF pays unemployment benefits to contributors who were dismissed or retrenched or if their employment contract has expired. They will not pay benefits to individuals who have resigned or been absconded from work, however, some special circumstances could change this. 

How To Submit A UIF Claim 

Individuals can submit a UIF claim online or at their nearest labour office. 

Submitting A UIF Claim Online 

Step 1: Visit the uFiling website.

Step 2: Register or Login to your account.

Step 3: Select "New Claim" from the dashboard.

Step 4: Choose the type of claim you want to submit

Step 5: Fill in the required details in the online claim form, such as your personal information, employment history, and reason for the claim.

Step 6: Upload all the supporting documents required for your claim

Step 7: Submit your claim and wait for the confirmation message on uFiling.

Step 8: Check the status of your claim by logging in to uFiling and selecting "Claim History" from the dashboard.

Submitting A UIF Claim At A Labour Office

Step 1: Visit the nearest labour centre 

Step 2: Sign the unemployment register 

Step 3: You will be told when you need to come back and sign the register again. This must be done every four weeks to show that you still need to claim the UIF benefits

Step 4: Sign the register on the correct date

Step 5: You will be given a white card, which the UIF officer will sign each time you sign the register

Step 6: You will receive the benefits within eight weeks of registering. The money will then be paid every four weeks until all the benefits are used up.

It's important to note that the process of applying for UIF benefits at a labour office will change depending on the benefit you are applying for. This will also impact which documents you will be required to provide to successfully receive UIF benefits. 

Every employed person working for more than 24 hours per month is required to make contributions to the UIF. The contributions made by employees are equal to one percent of their monthly remuneration. Their employer contributes an additional one percent to the fund. 

This money accumulates over time and can be accessed if a person requires some financial assistance. 

The UIF uses a credit system to determine how long a person may claim benefits. This process is measured in days. For every four days a person has worked, they receive one credit. The maximum amount of credits a UIF contributor can acquire is 365 credits/days. 


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Losing a job due to retrenchment or dismissal can be a challenging and stressful experience. However, in South Africa, there is a safety net in place to provide some financial support during such difficult times. 




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