This Is When Unisa Exams Results For Jan/Feb Will Be Released


The 2023 January/February exam period has just been completed at Unisa. With the exam season coming to an end, there are a few crucial details that students who wrote the exams should take note of as they wait for their results.



The University of South Africa (Unisa) has recently concluded its January/February exams for the 2023 academic year. 

The exam period largely accommodated year modules through its first scheduling of the examination period in January and February 2023, year module supplemental exams, and modules transitioning to alternative assessment forms in the current academic year.

The university has started releasing exam results in stages, expecting that by 17 March 2023, the majority of results will have been made public. Queries about mark releases should be sent to [email protected].

For most modules, students were given a second chance to take the exams in January and February 2023.

Students who failed their second attempt at an exam have been advised to re-register for their module. Those who missed their chance to retake this exam will not be given third chances by Unisa as stipulated by its assessment Policy.

Regarding Aegrotat applications, Unisa has said that only postgraduate students who missed their first exam will be granted an Aegrotat application.

This will enable them to write their online examinations. This excludes modules with portfolio (evidence-based) assessment, continuous assessment, practical assessment or experiential assessment and those modules which require research reports.

By 27 March 2023, students can submit an application to purchase a copy of their exam scripts or to have their scripts commented on. 

Applications for remarks can be submitted at [email protected]. By emailing [email protected], students can order their scripts.

The subject line must include their student ID number. Students have also been advised to be aware that if a script is tagged for a disciplinary offence, neither remarking nor buying it is permitted.


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