Where To Find Graphic Design Courses While Working



Several public and private institutions offer courses in graphic design to individuals who want to study while they are working. These courses enable students to gain valuable skills while allowing them to retain their income.




Graphic design refers to the art or skill of combining images and texts to create visual content to communicate messages to a target audience. The product of graphic design can be found in books, advertisements, news articles, magazines, television, digital art and signage. 

Graphic refers to the visual elements of a message which include things like Line, Colour, Shape, Texture, Space, Form and Typography. Design refers to principles used to organise visual elements; these principles include Contrast Hierarchy, Balance, Alignment, Proximity and Function. 

Each of these principles has a different purpose and is used in a layout to communicate a specific idea. Graphic designers follow these principles to communicate a message or an idea effectively. 

If you are interested in learning more about graphic design or want to become a graphic designer, then you should consider taking a course in the subject. In this piece, we take a look at where you can find graphic design courses while you are working.

Here’s Where To Find Graphic Design Courses While Working

Red and Yellow Creative School of Business 

  • Offers a 14-week course that teaches students the basics of graphic design principles and applications
  • Students will also gain a historical understanding of graphic design, stylistic movements and the famous designers that made an impact. 

University of Cape Town (UCT) 

  • Offers a 10-week course in Graphic Design through Get Smarter 
  • When students complete the course, they will have gained Industry-aligned skills for print and digital media design. 

CTU Training Solutions 

  • Offers a Higher Certificate in Graphic Design that be completed on a part-time basis
  • Students will gain and develop the knowledge and skills required to enter a career in graphic design.


  • Offers a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design 
  • Students can obtain the NQF-7 qualification in person or online.

Digital School of Marketing 

  • Offers several online courses in graphic design 
  • Aimed at students wanting to pursue a career in graphic design and digital marketing. 

For a full list of courses available to individuals living in South Africa, visit the Careers Portal’s Where To Study Page.


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