Where To Find Health And Safety Courses



A safe workplace can increase staff morale, productivity and prevent injuries. Health and safety courses can go a long way in ensuring you enjoy the benefits of a safe workplace.




The Occupational Health and Safety Act seeks to ensure that workers are protected at work. It serves as the government's effort to prevent and avoid work-related injuries and illnesses of employees around the country. 

Health and Safety courses can be extremely valuable for employees regardless of the industry they work in. Individuals who enrol in health and safety courses gain knowledge about the legislation, how to conduct risk assessments, how to plan for emergencies and introduce safety management systems. 

The knowledge gained in these courses can go a long way in preventing workplace accidents by identifying health hazards, having increased awareness of the workplace and ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation. 

Where To Find Health And Safety Courses

University of Cape Town - UCT offers a ten-week Occupational Health and Safety Online Short Course through Getsmarter. 

NOSA - NOSA offers health, safety and environmental training. Their training spans more than 100 safety-related courses, skills programmes and qualifications. 

Oxbridge Academy - Oxbridge Academy offers online health and safety courses allowing participants to study at their own pace. This is also ideal for individuals who are working. 

NEBOSH - NEBOSH offers a general certificate in occupational health and safety. The course covers several fundamental health and safety topics. 

Cape Peninsula University of Technology - CPUT offers a six-week occupational health and safety course. It's important to note that the course is offered on demand. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the university for more information. 

Skills Academy - Skills Academy offers two health and safety courses aimed to equip the next health and safety coordinators and representatives with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. 

Completing a health and safety course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to design, implement, maintain and improve your workplace’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

This will ensure your workplace is safe and preserves the health of your colleagues.


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