Where To Find SEO Courses While Working


There are billions of pages and websites on the internet. This makes it extremely difficult for businesses to stand out and feature on the first page of a search engine.



Being the first result that pops up when someone searches for a project or service on the internet can determine whether your business succeeds

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. Having good SEO can not only improve the number of people visiting your website but could also improve the quality of visitors. It could increase brand awareness, attract local customers and build trust and credibility in your product.

If you want to know how to get your business to one of the top-ranked pages on the internet then you and your business may benefit from completing an SEO course.

Here’s Where To Find SEO Courses For People Who Are Working

Red And Yellow Creative School of Business - Offers a 10-week course that will aim to teach you the most important SEO skills in over 8 modules. Red and Yellow say the course is aimed at anyone who wants to elevate their brand or business by increasing online visibility and online traffic.

Udemy - offers both free and paid online courses in SEO through a series of online videos. A broad selection of courses including SEO training courses. The paid courses include online video content, certificate of completion, instructor Q&A and Instructor direct message whereas the free version only provides the online video content.

Digital School Of Marketing - offers an SEO and web analytics course that provides participants with 60 CPD points with the South African Board For People Practices (SABPP). The course promises to increase your job prospects or increase your position as a comprehensive SEO and Web Analytics specialist.

Coursera - offers an SEO specialisation course which upon completion, a shareable certificate. The course takes place fully online which allows participants to work at their own pace.

The University of Cape Town through GetSmarter - offers a 10-week course aimed at optimising your online presence with powerful SEO strategies.

The Knowledge Academy - offers SEO masterclasses with two modules. The first module covers an introduction to what is SEO while the second focuses on SEO rankings, customisation of SEO plans and business factors.

It's also important to note that there are several courses that you can complete online for free. They may not come with any qualifications and certification but could equip you with the skills to make you an SEO expert.

Always do your research on the course offered by the institution of your choice. You should also check whether the course you are pursuing is accredited and if it's not, find out what are the implications of this.






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