Who Can Apply For Teaching Assistant Jobs Now


Unemployed youth around the country can now apply to be part of an important employment initiative. This employment opportunity will see successful applicants receive a stipend, valuable work experience and training.



As part of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI), the Department of Basic Education (DBE) introduced the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI) to create jobs - and provide additional teaching resources to schools.

Through the 'teachers assistant' programme, around 270,000 young people were employed in schools across the country as school assistants last year. 

Now applications are open for the next phase of the education assistant programme and another 270,000 unemployed individuals can start applying for these teaching assistant jobs. 

Applications Open Now

Successful candidates will be paid a stipend of R4,081 per month. They will have 1% of their monthly remuneration deducted for Unemployment Insurance Fund contributions.

One of the great things about the programme is that young people apply to work at a school near them.  This is convenient for them as they don't have to travel long distances to get to work. It is also convenient for the school to have young people from their own communities.

Youth between the ages of 18 and 34 will be able to register on the SAYouth.Mobi  online recruitment system for the positions. The website is free to use and does not require any data.

Here’s Who Can apply For Phase 4 Teaching Assistant Jobs

  • Youths between the ages of 18 and 34 years old when they apply 
  • Youth must live within a 5 km radius of the school (or 30 km radius if it is a small, micro or farm school)
  • Education Assistant (EA) must have a Matric qualification
  • General School Assistants (GSA) do not need a Matric qualification

It's important to note that individuals who were previously part of the initiative will not be able to apply for phase 4 education assistant jobs. Applicants cannot be employed, participate in training or participate in a learnership programme.

Full and part-time students cannot apply for phase 4 education assistant jobs. Applicants also can't be participating in online, distance learning or short courses.

Teaching assistant jobs impacted the lives of thousands of youth around the country, and some education assistants have shared how the initiative impacted their lives.




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