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The NWU offers more than just an education: we offer people a place in the world. Academically, students benefit from great choice and flexibility, enabling them to fulfil their potential and start preparing for their careers. 

It all starts here with:

  • Internationally recognised qualifications that challenge you intellectually.
  • The best student life in the country!
  • Professional degree that equips you to be innovative in the workplace.
  • A multilingual language policy aimed at inclusivity.
  • Secure campuses with world-class facilities.
  • National and international cultural and sporting achievements.
  • A life experience, bigger than yourself, that equips you to make a difference.
  • With both contact and distance learning offerings you have the opportunity to not only equip yourself with knowledge and skills, but also the necessary life experience that will fulfil you on all levels. 

NWU annual Open Days are also not to be missed, or visit any of our campuses for a campus tour and information session, or our virtual tour in the comfort of your own home. 

If you are still wondering what to study, you can make use of their FREE measuring instrument that identifies possible career interests. This Interest-Index can help you identify possible subjects, tertiary education, and careers.

Undergraduate students can study courses at one of the 8 faculties at the university

NWU Faculties

NWU Campuses

North-West University is made up of three campuses.

  • Mahikeng Campus
  • Potchefstroom Campus
  • Vanderbijlpark Campus   


At the NWU, we put you ahead of the curve with career-orientated degrees and guidance from our expert lecturers. Review the instructions on the NWU website to see when the application dates are for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. NWU applications usually open on 1 April, with closing dates 31 July for selection courses and residences, and 31 August for non-selection courses for undergraduate studies.

Undergraduate studies

Prospective students can choose to study a qualification in any of our 8 faculties. Have look at the NWU website to get all the info you would need to apply for studies.

Post-graduate studies

Post-graduate studies are all about deepening your knowledge in your subject field and mastering the research process. 

It’s important to note that the requirements and stipulations of Honours degrees and Postgraduate offerings differ from faculty to faculty. Find out more about the options (if any) at the faculty.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning creates an opportunity for students to obtain a qualification to accelerate their career and improve their effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.
Barriers caused by time, geographical limitations, age factors and pace of learning are eliminated by our support services and dedication towards our students.
A variety of programmes are available, simply click here to find out more about our undergraduate and post-graduate options.


Annually, more or less at the beginning of February, it is Registration time for students. View the NWU website for the latest information on the NWU fees.

There is also a world of possibilities regarding bursary opportunities – have a look here.

For more information about registration, you can read more about it here.

North-West University – it all starts here!

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- Engineering & the Built Environment Faculty
- Health Sciences Faculty
- Science Faculty
- Commerce Faculty
- Law Faculty
- Humanities Faculty
- Theology and Religion Faculty
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