Can I take my leave during my notice period?



In South Africa, an employee is entitled to take any accumulated leave during their notice period, subject to the terms of their employment contract.

If you wish to take leave during your notice period, you must first obtain approval from your employer. Your employer may require you to take your leave before or after your notice period, depending on their operational needs and the terms of your employment contract.

It is important to note that if you take leave during your notice period, the leave days will be counted as part of your notice period, and you will still be required to fulfil the remainder of your notice period upon your return to work.

Furthermore, if you have not accumulated sufficient leave to cover your desired leave period, your employer may require you to take unpaid leave for the remaining period or adjust your notice period accordingly.

It is advisable to review your employment contract and discuss your leave options with your employer before making any plans to take leave during your notice period.

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