Employees Want To Learn. The Question Is––What?


Career growth and development are the most important things employees want from their employers. They also want to work in roles challenging their strengths and competencies for organisations that provide opportunities to grow their knowledge and skills.



“There’s a lot of evidence proving that employees that don’t apply their knowledge, skills, and strengths in the workplace are unfulfilled and tend to leave their jobs 12 times faster,” said Michael Gullan, CEO of an eLearning consultancy that assists corporates with enhancing employee performance via high-impact online learning.

Learning and development are imperative for a happy, engaged, high-performance workforce. However, how do you balance what the business needs and what employees want to learn?

“Employees learning interests vary widely depending on their roles, goals, interests, and career paths. However, we have noticed some common themes from conducting learning needs assessments and plans in various industries,” added Gullan.

employee interests

“Most employees want to learn and develop their skills and be recognised for their learning efforts. Employees will work harder on their self-development when they’re rewarded with certificates, badges, or in-person acknowledgments,” concluded Gullan.

Employee’s learning needs and goals vary widely from organisation and industry. To ensure you get a return on investment (via increased employee performance) and a return on emotion (via a positive culture and happy workforce), an L&D assessment, strategy, and plan should result in a programme that is win, win for employees and the organisation.

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