Self-Management In The Workplace, How Do We Benefit?


If you are at the phase of life, where you think what is missing within yourself to be the better version of yourself in the workplace. This maybe something you compare to other colleagues in the sense of effectiveness or efficiency or productivity or able to meet those goals that you may have not reached yet.



Alternatively, you may be questioning if you are able to cope with what the workplace environment may throw at you, whenever it is a difficult staff member or customers, overloaded with work or whichever reason this may be.

One of the answers to the silent question is to consider how sharp is an individual’s Self-Management skills. Self-Management is the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts and way of behaviour in a conscious way depending on the circumstances/environment surrounding oneself.

What does Self-Management promote when it applies to the work place?

  • Individuals know how to react and what to do in their jobs and in situations they may face.
  • How to pacify a difficult or angry customer in the bonds of company policies and procedures?
  • Demonstrate control over one’s emotions, whenever he/she is feeling angry, displaying restraint and not to act in impulse when anger washes over them.
  • Know where their strength and weakness lies within their abilities and skills.
  • Know how to plan around things that may distract them from completing tasks at work.

How to improve your Self-Management Skills

  • Go for courses to assist in managing oneself, this could vary from time management courses, Organisational skills, Strategic Planning up to emotional intelligence/Self Awareness courses.
  • Consider signing up with a Life coach to assist with things that is difficult to management with oneself coping abilities.
  • Create a Self-care routine by booking ‘Me-days’ where an individual can use and do whatever they want to relax and break away from the normal day-to-day activities.
  • Get clarity on the roles you play within the workplace and what is expected of you. This could also apply within one’s personal life where a lot of responsibility lies with only one individual.
  • Be able to set priorities in the workplace and personal life.
  • Others could be by keeping your promises to yourself, Focus on what you can control, Practising Mindfulness, etc.

Self-Management applies to all in the workplace and can always be improved as it is one of the important skills or abilities to have. It contributes on how we handle ourselves and treat the people close to us no matter where it maybe. Is to be conscious of your own thoughts, desires and feelings.




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