The article below counters the misperception that eLearning is primarily used for onboarding, product training, compliance, and other internal processes. eLearning is being used with great success to amp up sales professionals, who are the lifeblood of most organizations.

This article provides a guideline for how HR and L&D professionals can harness their existing content to keep their eLearning relevant and their employees upskilled and performing at their peak.

AI and immersive training experiences aligned with business goals are redefining the sector. New Leaf Technologies explains the future of L&D.

The below article identifies four symptoms to look out for that may indicate that businesses need to work with an external consultant to support their corporate eLearning. In doing so, they will have better learning outcomes and ensure their eLearning effectively drives their business towards their goals and gets financial returns.

South Africa’s Nissan Academy is making use of ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning strategies to improve service standards in its dealer network.

Ongoing learning and development (L&D) are cornerstones of all successful organisations and contribute to keeping employees happy, fulfilled, and productive. As more organisations are looking to eLearning to meet their L&D goals, they’re also looking for methods to keep their employees engaged and committed to meeting their learning objectives.

People are an organisation’s most valuable asset, and business leaders are realizing the importance of creating opportunities for their people to learn and grow (personally and professionally). Here are the eLearning trends for 2023.




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