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As the MD of Facilities by Empact Group, Andile Mgudlwa shares insights on the pivotal role that education and skills development play in empowering mining host communities.

If South Africa is going to regain its economic foothold, we need to be investing in our youth. And the primary mechanism through which we should be doing this is skills development. This approach starts with confronting — and acting on — five uncomfortable truths.

Obtaining a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) qualification can offer numerous benefits, both to individuals pursuing this certification and to the organizations that employ them. Academy Training Group gives some insight into the benefits of obtaining a Sills Development Facilitator qualification.

Engen has partnered with the Disability Economic Empowerment Trust (DEET) to launch an artisan training programme for 100 people with disabilities that will assist them with the skills required to enter the job market.

Many companies around the world are facing an operating environment where profits are under pressure, and the need to focus on an increased return on investment become vital to the company’s future survival. To address this effectively, many companies are looking to improve their focus on skills development which will address these challenges rapidly and appropriately.

While many of South Africa's youth venture into higher education or skills training, not all are awarded access to those opportunities. This lack of access to certain opportunities means they spend their days at home with not much to do. 

Despite efforts by many HR and Learning and Development (L&D) managers to address the widening skills gap, a recent study shows that only half of employees consider the training provided by their employers to be useful.




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