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The eThekwini Furniture Cluster (EFC) is excited to announce the launch of its Customer Compass Programme, aimed at empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the local furniture sector. This initiative seeks to align its offering with what big customers are looking for, to drive innovation, foster inclusive growth, and facilitate transformative change within the industry.

In today’s competitive job market, candidates often find themselves at a crossroads: should they stay loyal to a single company and build their career over a number of years, or embrace more rapid package growth by moving frequently when the chance arrives?

Digital technology is reshaping our lives—especially the ways we handle financial transactions. Both consumers and merchants have options, and should exercise them, to fully engage in the digital economy without fear, capitalizing on the myriad of choices and opportunities now available.

The start of a new year is the perfect time for reflection. Over the holidays, I revisited my participation at a corporate health and wellness conference in 2016. As a speaker then, I explored “The Value of Sensory Intelligence® for Health and Wellness in the Corporate Industry”.


South Africa is a nation rich in diverse cultures and religions, and certain beliefs and practices are deeply ingrained in the lives of those who adhere to them. Indeed, our constitution explicitly acknowledges the country’s multiplicity of cultural and traditional beliefs, and many people consider these to be an integral part of their personal identity.

As South Africa moves into 2024, the landscape of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is poised for significant shifts. The B-BBEE framework has been a cornerstone of Economic Transformation in our country, aiming to address historical imbalances and promote inclusive Economic Growth. 

Mr Price Group stands as one of South Africa's foremost retail giants, offering an extensive array of job opportunities across various domains. For individuals aspiring to join their dynamic team, here is a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the application process for Mr Price jobs.

The Pick n Pay Group is one of Africa’s largest and most consistently successful retailers of food, general merchandise and clothing. If you’re interested in a career with them, this is how you can apply for jobs at Pick n Pay.

eLearning experienced significant changes this year. Focus shifted from content to employees as L&D professionals pushed for eLearning solutions that support their organizational goals. 

A happy workplace has become ever more important considering the disruptions to and questioning of the traditional models over the past three years - and solving it will add trillions to the global economy. 

With the staggering rise of social media scams globally, business executives find themselves increasingly targeted by cybercriminals seeking to exploit their personal and professional lives. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram have become prime platforms for scammers to lure victims into their web of deception.

Businesses today are too preoccupied with measuring workplace productivity by managing people's time and evaluating their performance. However, this fixation often detracts from understanding customer needs and delivering quality outcomes.

South Africans are among the most indebted people in the world, with as much as 73% of disposable household income servicing debt repayments. We find ourselves in an environment of rising interest rates, high levels of unemployment, and escalating food and energy prices. Many people are facing extraordinary financial headwinds and struggling to service their debt on home loans, vehicle loans, credit cards and overdrafts.



‘Profit starts telling you a story in terms of what to do next – or what not to do’ and ‘With the odds against you, you need people who think they can take on those odds and win.’ These are just some of the pithy words of advice offered by South Africa’s entrepreneurs in Heavy Chef’s new book, Selling Products Online.


Father of modern management thinking, Peter Drucker famously said: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". What is culture, though? For many business leaders, who deal in tangibles, this concept is an ethereal, unquantifiable notion. But culture, at its most rudimentary, is ‘how we do things around here’, i.e., how we behave together. To break it down into a simple formula: leadership equals culture equals performance. 

Taking risks is part of any good business. As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said, “In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.” But which risks should be taken and which ones are best avoided? That is a question for a well-trained risk manager.

For years, job descriptions have defined how organisations are structured. This method worked well when businesses changed slowly, and employees were considered cogs in the machine. However, smart HR teams are focused more on skills, empowering employees to be agile, autonomous and perform beyond their duties.

This Women’s Month, we sat down with Jessica Hawkey, Founder and Managing Director of redAcademy to discuss her journey as a Woman in business, what her advice is for fellow females in business and why she has a passion for empowering South Africa’s youth. 

Businesses today are too preoccupied with measuring workplace productivity by managing people's time and evaluating their performance. However, this fixation often detracts from understanding customer needs and delivering quality outcomes.

A safe workplace can increase staff morale, productivity and prevent injuries. Health and safety courses can go a long way in ensuring you enjoy the benefits of a safe workplace.





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