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Businesses today are too preoccupied with measuring workplace productivity by managing people's time and evaluating their performance. However, this fixation often detracts from understanding customer needs and delivering quality outcomes.

A safe workplace can increase staff morale, productivity and prevent injuries. Health and safety courses can go a long way in ensuring you enjoy the benefits of a safe workplace.


The food and beverage manufacturing sector turned over R185 billion for the third quarter of 2022, and it is one of the highest contributors to GDP in the manufacturing industry. It primarily consists of small companies (87%) and some large and medium well-known employers according to our 2022 levy-paying database.

As small businesses serve as a catalyst for economic growth and job creation - Anglo American’s enterprise and youth development arm, Zimele, launched a business incubator programme in Limpopo and the North West targeted at small-medium enterprises in the tourism sector.


People with disabilities (PwDs) can play an invaluable role in South Africa’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) whilst carving out a rewarding career for themselves in the country’s thriving ICT sector.

As businesses try to manage the realities of the post-pandemic workplace, they are being forced to deal with issues such as tax and HR regulation of digital nomads.


Once considered bad luck on board a ship, a new generation of women are challenging superstition and prejudice and asserting themselves in senior positions in the fishing sector.


Workplaces don’t look the way they used to. But even as businesses have mostly adopted a hybrid approach where people juggle working remotely, many employers are eager to bring their staff back to the office on a permanent basis.


Recently appointed Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie in Johannesburg, South Africa, Lerisha Naidu, plans to implement a new way of working in the legal sector, ensuring that all contributors to the working environment are able to show up as their true selves.


Deloitte Africa announced that it would be bolstering its sustainability and climate capabilities as part of its continued commitment to its purpose of 'making an impact that matters' – for its employees, clients, and society.


Presenteeism, being physically present at work but mentally absent and unproductive due to illness, injury, stress or burnout, comes at a greater economic cost than absenteeism, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has not only increased but gone digital and virtual.


Change is daunting, but ultimately necessary and inevitable, especially in business. The businesses on the forefront of change are the ones that survive and prosper.And the employees who possess the skill of being highly adaptable to change, are the ones who get and stay employed as well as grow in their careers.

Think a nudge and a wink are fine for the office? You'd be wrong (and may be up on harassment charges)


It's no news that modern businesses are choosing e-learning over traditional training and, in the process, may be losing touch with the learning models traditionally guided by a training professional. Enter the Instructional Designer (ID). An Instructional Designer ensures that online learning is seamless for employees, and that knowledge is acquired in digital ways, without an instructor.


Jobless numbers in South Africa are at an all-time-high with the unemployment rate recently hitting a new record of 35.3%.


If you've been considering a career that allows you to serve the employees of a company, then pursuing a job in human resources might be the right choice for you.

A diverse group of people mixed within the workplace is bound to stir up some interesting issues. Creating a workplace where there is a positive culture of tolerance is the key to harnessing the competitive edge a diverse workforce gives the business.

Conservatively estimated, one in four women will experience sexual harassment in the workplace at some stage during their working lifespan. The personal toll on these women - and those around them who deal with the secondary effects - is immense.

This programme is developed to provide the skills and competencies for individuals who have worked as Human Resource Practitioners for a number
of years.




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