Costs and benefits remain the two key issues facing the coming NHI Act as it faces certain constitutional challenges according to Neil Kirby, Director and Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Werksmans Attorneys 

Promoting diversity and equality in the workplace is key objective of a bill recently signed into law by the President of South Africa. However, several concerns related to the bill have been raised. 

Buses are an important part of the public transportation industry in South Africa. However, they may not be transporting passengers come to the end of the week, as they gear up to strike.


The way that employers and employees think of work has undergone several changes in recent years. A new pilot project will begin this week in South Africa in which participants will have a four-day work week.

A school in Pretoria has been shut down after a labour department inspection. This comes after the department made an unpleasant discovery. 


More than one million South African adults with ADHD  represent an “untapped opportunity” for businesses to enhance inclusion, advance workforce diversity, and improve their performance and competitive advantage.


The unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many workers around South Africa having to work from home. While this may have been strange at first, many workers prefer working from home and what it may entail.


The Department of Employment and Labour are currently conducting a blitz to check on compliance of businesses in the hospitality sector.

In South Africa, labour law gives foriegn workers the same rights as South African workers. However, some political parties are demanding that businesses put South African workers first.




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