Matric Exams


Mid-year matric exams have come and gone, meaning the next area of focus will be on the final end of year examinations. The Department of Basic Education has released the timetable for the upcoming matric exam season. 


The marking process of the matric final exams have officially commenced throughout the country. However, many have raised concerns on whether the education department has efficiently prepared marking centres for the current surges in power cuts.

Matric learners across the country are currently sitting for their final exams. However, concerns have been raised about the ongoing protests and disruptions which impacted the smooth running of the examinations.

As matric learners begin week three of their final examinations, many have questioned whether the department is doing enough to ensure that further disruptions and challenges are avoided.

The final matric exams got underway on the final day of October 2022. While less than two weeks have passed since the commencement of the exams, a small number of learners have been found to have attempted to cheat during their examinations.


The final matric exams are in full swing as Grade 12 learners aim to get their matric qualification. However, matric learners in three provinces were prevented from writing examinations due to external circumstances.


The final matric exams can be an extremely challenging and stressful time for Grade 12 learners in South Africa. Not only is the culmination of twelve years of schooling, but the results they achieve will influence their future academic plans.


In 12 days time, matriculants around South Africa will begin their final school exams. However, there are growing concerns that the performance of the class of 2022 will be negatively impacted by loadshedding.


There are just a number of days until the 2022 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations get underway in South Africa. Several measures are being put in place to ensure learners are ready for the crucial examination season.


Grade 12 learners around the country are gearing up for the final examinations of their schooling. However, their preparation for the crucial examinations could be negatively impacted by the current energy crisis.


Grade 12 learners have just 45 days left before the 2022 Matric examinations get underway on Monday 31 October 2022. This important examination period influences the next steps of your academic journey and is therefore crucial not to record any irregularities.

Matric learners around South Africa are just 48 days from starting the final examination of their schooling journey. The education department has revealed the progress it has made in preparation for the final examinations. 

Matriculants around the country recently participated in a national Life Orientation examination. However, in the wake of the examination, the education department announced that they are conducting an investigation into its standard.


As matriculants around South Africa prepare for their final school examinations, many will feel stressed and anxious about the upcoming exams. The results they receive will affect the next step of their educational journey, however, cheating could derail their plans completely.


The wait is almost over for thousands of young people who participated in the 2022 May/June Grade 12 examinations. This as the results of the examinations will be released later this week.


Nearly 300 000 individuals will be travelling to 5 236 exam centres around South Africa to participate in the upcoming mid-year matric examinations with the hope of obtaining either a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or a Senior Certificate (SC).


Today is the last day candidates wanting to participate in the May/June National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) examinations can register. 

If you want to obtain your matric qualification or improve your matric results, you have an opportunity to do just that during the May/June examinations season. 

Last week the Department of Basic Education (DBE) met with Eskom's leadership to deliberate on the challenges faced by Grade 12 students caused by load shedding. 

After completing the final matric exams, the class of 2021 can expect to receive their results in January 2022. This follows an announcement made by the Department of Basic Education, revealing when marking will be taking place and the date that the Minister will be announcing the national results.




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