Project Management


Do you want to learn the basics of project management? The Intelligo Solutions training programme is a great place to start.

Project Management is one of the vital skills needed to succeed in today’s modern corporate environment.
Project Management is a very rewarding discipline, but also a very demanding one. In any business or career journal you will find project management at or near the top. It’smost likely one of the “hottest” careers at the moment.

Project management is a very dynamic, exciting, and profitable career choice. Did you know there are short curses available to gain insight into the project management field?

When it comes to the implementation of hardware and software in business, it
is important to secure harmonious interaction between supplier and purchaser
to ensure successful project rollout.

Healthy project management has an essential role to play in Africa?s infrastructure
expansion and many project managers will be sourced from South Africa due to its
position as a key development power on the continent. utilises cost-cutting strategies which is beneficial to companies and project management. McManus Consulting in collaboration with Dac Systems has developed this system which combines technology and methodology application.

Professional bodies are vital with regards to project management as it provides
funding for research and development while actively promoting project management at
several levels. Within the project management industry, ethical conduct and
education are incredibly important.

In project management, the aim is always to achieve the project?s goal while working within the time and resource constraints and capitalising on those things that are available to you. Here are the five stages of project management.

This programme is developed to provide the skills and competencies for technically qualified people from all fields who require specific practical
skills in project management.




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