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The Basic Education Sector's Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) seeks to offer employment opportunities to South African individuals aged 18 to 34, with the goal of addressing elevated youth unemployment rates. Those participating in the PYEI may find roles as teaching and general assistants within schools.

The Department of Basic Education has confirmed the extension of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI), bringing back a popular programme that provides valuable teaching assistant positions in schools across South Africa. Many are eager to know: when can they apply for Phase 5 of the PYEI Teaching Assistant Initiative?

Thousands of young people will be employed in Gauteng as teaching assistants. The premier of the province says the main focus of this programme is aimed at reducing unemployment in the province. 

Are you interested in seeking employment as a Teachers Assistant or School Assistant? Here's a guide on how to apply for school assistant jobs using SAYouth.

More than one million employment opportunities were created through the implementation of the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI). The initiatives great success has highlighted the need to it to be extended despite its looming completion.

The fourth (and possibly final) phase of a youth employment initiative is set to conclude in the coming months. Young people who were selected to participate in the initiative received valuable training and workplace experience at school around South Africa.

One of the main goals of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative is to provide youth people with employment opportunities. Youth employed around the country are now being praised for their contribution to schools. 

Thousands of youth will begin work at schools around the country on Wednesday. Their employment at schools forms part of a youth employment initiative in the basic education sector.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund is encouraging Education Assistants and General School Assistants to apply for unemployment benefits. This as thousands of teaching assistants qualify for unemployment benefits after making contributions.


More than 200,000 young people’s contracts of employment came to an end in August 2022. Despite losing this avenue to generate income, youth were encouraged to apply for financial support from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.


More than 850,000 employment opportunities were created during the first three phases of the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI). However, these job placements came to their conclusion, leaving thousands of youth without any income.


The application period for a critical youth employment initiative is closed. However, youth who submitted applications to be part of the programme are being encouraged to prepare for the next step in the teacher assistant recruitment process.


South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is more than 60%. Applications for a critical youth employment initiative have recently opened and the amount of applications received by the education department indicates the need for the initiative.


With youth unemployment at rates above 60% in South Africa, young people are desperate for work. Applications for a crucial employment initiative are now open and with more than 200 000 vacancies available, youth around the country are encouraged to apply.


Unemployed youth around the country can now apply to be part of an important employment initiative. This employment opportunity will see successful applicants receive a stipend, valuable work experience and training.

The application period for teaching assistant jobs is now open. Youth around the country have limited time to apply and be placed at a school in their community. More than 270 000 vacancies are to be filled in this national programme to bolster the resources available at schools across the country.


While youth around the country are gearing up to apply for positions during phase four of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI), the education department has revealed its findings on the programme. 

Unemployed youth around the country will soon have an opportunity to apply for jobs at schools in their local communities. However, these positions will require academic qualifications.


According to Statistics South Africa, 66,5% of the country’s youth are unemployed. Several programmes were established to reduce the high unemployment rate with the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI) being one of the most successful initiatives.

A crucial youth employment initiative concluded in August 2022. The initiative saw more than 270,000 youth provided with employment opportunities at schools around the county.





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