The combined efforts of Empact Group’s team power their award-winning supplier development programme which has enabled entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop and go on to become successful in their own right as suppliers to the very company which enabled their growth to begin with. Quite often the graduates from this Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programme create micro-economies and actually end up doing business with each other too and there are some remarkable stories which have blossomed over the years.

Employee training and skills development initiatives are not just business imperatives, they’re leadership ones. They are the foundations on which organisations build the leaders and managers of tomorrow through intelligent programmes and approaches that recognise internal value, employee potential, and the importance of cultivating a culture of growth, learning and innovation.

Artisan Training Institute (ATI), one of South Africa’s most prominent engineering training providers has launched their e-learning platform which is a first of its kind.


BCX, an IT Group, will sponsor 300 more data science learners through Explore Data Science Academy over the next three years.

When we look at the world of work, it’s easy to peg the changes and developments we’re currently witnessing on Covid-19. It was the pandemic, we say, that prompted the move to remote working. It was the pandemic that made us invest more heavily in virtual systems and processes, and to prioritise the skills that help people to work independently.

Opening South Africa’s rail network to third-party operators will provide further impetus to the country’s ongoing efforts to develop scarce artisan skills and meet the National Development Plan’s target of training 30 000 artisans a year by 2030.

First additional language training will be provided to Gauteng and North West teachers by the Macmillan Teacher Campus. The free training will prepare educators for the new Curriculum and Assessment Policy.




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