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Unemployment can be a huge burden depending on its underlying circumstances, lodging a UIF claim is thus the best course of action provided you are a registered contributor. But what do you do when your claim is rejected?

The Unemployment Insurance Fund is a government fund that offers financial assistance to individuals who have lost their jobs and income due to various circumstances. If you find yourself recently retrenched or terminated, you may be eligible for a UIF payout.

Suddenly finding yourself unemployed for whatever reason can be a huge financial burden for anybody, and if you are among this cohort of people you can also apply for UIF benefits. But you must meet the fund’s eligibility requirements. 

The main purpose of the Unemployment Insurance Fund is to offer short-term financial support to its contributors should they ever become unemployed. Beneficiaries are encouraged to regularly check the progress of their payments to stay up to date with their claim status.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund provides temporary financial support to workers who are unemployed or that are unable to work due to several circumstances. However, these funds are only available to individuals who contribute to the fund.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund is known for providing temporary financial relief to employed contributors in the event of unemployment due to various reasons. The Fund also helps parents claim for their maternity and adoption benefits.


Some working professionals find it difficult to stay away from the office when they are ill due to a number of reasons. If they are an employed contributor to the Unemployment Insurance Fund, they are entitled to claim their illness benefit.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund serves the purpose of ensuring that employees can receive financial relief if they find themselves unemployed upon making a UIF claim. But is it possible to cancel your UIF contribution?

Businesses and non-profit organisations that rely on online resources to apply for UIF compliance certificates will have to temporarily hold off on doing so. This is because the fund has temporarily suspended its online application systems for the compliance certificates.

The Department of Employment and Labour says it has made significant progress helping former teaching assistants and general workers apply for benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund exists to provide temporary financial assistance to individuals if they ever become employed. The fund follows a process in order to ensure that payments are made to beneficiaries.

Since the platform's launch, the Unemployment Insurance Fund has encouraged workers to use the u-Filling system to speed up the progress of claims. However, many people have expressed frustration, as they find the online platform difficult to navigate.




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