How To Submit A Gauteng School Application


As one of the provinces with the highest concentrated population of school learners in the country, Gauteng puts a lot of emphasis on the efficiency of its online admission application system. This is to ensure that all learner applications are processed on time.



So with that in mind let's explore the GDE’s five-step online admissions application process in more detail.

To submit their online applications, parents and guardians must log into the department’s admissions website and they should then follow these steps:

Step 1: Register Parent/Guardian details 

For this first step, parents must select "Register" and then read and accept the POPI disclaimer. You will then be required to complete the personal details form and create a username and password.

Once you have typed in your I.D. number, the website will display a "DHA validation box" where you will have to type your name and surname as it appears on your I.D.

You can proceed with the application even if your I.D. number is not validated. However, it is advised that you have your I.D. number corrected at the Department of Home Affairs.

Make sure that you provide a correct and valid cellphone number then fill out all the compulsory spaces that display a red asterisk. Then click on ‘Next Step’, and accept the displayed ‘Terms and conditions tab’ before moving on to step 2. 

Step 2: Register home address details 

The first part of this step requires you to fill in your current home address and then select the correct address from the dropdown that will appear while typing your address. Ensure that the whole address is spelt correctly.

If the correct address cannot be found, click the "Can’t find home address" option for a more advanced search. This will enable you to find the correct address by placing a pin on the part of the map with your home’s location. 

Alternatively, if you're completing the application from your actual home address you can click on the "Use my location" button. If you use the "My location” option there is no need to move the red pin the system will pick up the address of the applicant's location at the time of making the application. 

Once the correct address appears click "select location" and a confirmation message will appear with the selected address. If the address is correct click “continue” and then submit.

The next page requires a parent's work address. However, this option can only be used if you intend on applying at a school that is closer to your work address.

Once this is done, click "submit" to receive an SMS with your username and password. The username and password that you created when registering the parent details will be sent to your cell phone via SMS.

Step 3: Register Learner Details

On this page, you need to complete all learner registration details and complete all compulsory spaces marked with a red asterisk on the form. When selecting a language of learning and teaching, select one of the 11 official languages. This option is only available for Grade 1 applications. 

If your child is applying for Grade 8, you need to specify whether the learner's current school is in Gauteng and provide the name of the learner's current school.

Select “home language” as displayed on their Grade 7 report “first additional language” as displayed on their Grade 7 report and language of learning and teaching. After you've filled in all the compulsory fields, you need to click on the “Apply to schools” button.

Step 4: Apply To A Maximum of Five Schools

In this step, you need to apply to schools by completing the school application form online. When applying to a school, it is important to remember that the following criteria are taken into account and are shown here in order of priority:

  1. Home address within School feeder Zone
  2. Sibling or previous School
  3. Work address within the School feeder Zone
  4. Home address within a 30 kilometre radius
  5. Home address Beyond a 30 Kilometer radius
  6. Schools of specialization

Remember, when you select or click on the home address within the School feeder Zone, the system will generate a list of all schools with feeder zones that cover your home address. Based on the address you filled in (in step two) you will be able to select schools from a drop-down list

Once you finish this section, you can submit your application. A 'thank you' confirmation page will be displayed with the reference number for the learner application.

This is also sent to the cell phone number that you filled in earlier when you registered parent details. This does not mean that your child has been accepted at that school; it only confirms that the application has been submitted.

After submitting the application, you will have the option to either apply to more schools, register another learner, upload documents, go to the dashboard, take a quick survey or log out. Note that you can only apply to a maximum of five schools for each learner.

Step 5 Upload Documents To The system

You will be able to upload documents by using the upload function on the system. All schools applied to will be able to view these uploaded documents. Parents who are unable to upload documents should hand deliver certified copies of their documents to all the schools applied to. 

Some of these documents include the following:

  • ​Parents/ legal guardian Identity Document
  • Learner Birth Certificate
  • Proof of home/ work address
  • Latest Grade 7 School Report (Grade 8 applicants only)
  • Clinic Card/Immunisation Report (Grade 1 applicants only)

It is also important to note that certified copies of documents must be uploaded or submitted within seven days of making the application. The document status will only reflect after you have uploaded or submitted documents and have been verified by the school.

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