Where To Find UIF Benefits Application Forms



The relief provided by the UIF assists individuals who require financial support, helping them fill the gaps while they are unable to earn money. Individuals requiring relief must fill out UIF forms. 



The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides temporary financial relief to workers in South Africa. Relief is provided in cases where people have lost their or are unable to work due to  illness leave, parental leave, adoption leave, reduced work time and maternity leave. The UIF also pays benefits to dependents of deceased UIF contributors.

Employers and employees contribute a combined 2% of an employee's salary to the fund each month. This money is referred to as UIF contributions. 

When the employee requires relief from the UIF, they can apply for UIF benefits because they contributed to the fund. The benefits the employee is entitled to are based on their available credits.

Here's Where To Find UIF Benefits Application Forms 

To apply for UIF benefits, applicants must submit several forms and documentation to support their UIF claim.  

Many employees who want to apply for benefits from the UIF do not know where to find the UIF forms they must complete. 

Individuals can find the UIF benefits' application forms at their nearest labour centre or on the uFiling website. You can find the UIF application forms online by clicking HERE.

Once the employee completed the UIF forms, they can hand them in at their nearest labour centre. Alternatively, they can submit a UIF claim online using the uFiling platform. 

Not everyone qualifies for UIF benefits. Individuals must have been a contributor for a certain period and be actively searching for work. 

Credit days are accumulated as follows, for every 4 days you work as a UIF contributor, you receive one day’s credits. The maximum amount of credits you can accumulate is 365 credit days. 

Here’s How UIF Payments Work

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Person submitting UIF Payment Continuation Request

A loss of income can be extremely stressful as your expenses remain but you have less money to cover these expenses. UIF benefits allow people to cover some of these expenses which people can apply for online. 




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