Employee Perspectives On eLearning And Productivity



Employees encounter many disturbances throughout the day. Research conducted by Microsoft suggests that it takes just over 23 minutes for employees to regain focus after being interrupted. 



While the exact number of disturbances can vary depending on factors such as job role, workplace environment, and individual habits, it’s common for employees to experience multiple interruptions daily. This can significantly impact productivity, concentration, and the ability to learn new information and skills needed to enhance performance.

“Employees work better when they have the tools, skills, and information on hand. The same applies to learning and development,” said Michael Gullan, CEO of G&G Advocacy and eLearning consultancy. Gullan compares the science of adult learning to a power snack that fuels the body and mind. Bite-sized eLearning content delivered in interesting, relevant, and interactive formats empowers employees with the information and skills they need to perform in their roles.

“eLearning can only be successful when it connects with distracted and busy employees and adds value to their lives,” said Gullan, providing the following fundamentals to be in place to achieve this:

  1. A robust organisation-wide eLearning strategy.
  2. Employee-centric personalised learning journeys unique to each employee’s learning requirements.
  3. Use of the science of adult learning and microlearning.
  4. Facilitation of the application of new information.
  5. Rewards and acknowledgment of learning achievements.

Employee Perspectives

Here are five quotes from employees who have completed eLearning courses using microlearning principles:

“eLearning is less disruptive. I can learn and then apply what I have learnt while on the job. I no longer have to give up days to complete courses or attend workshops, only to return to mountains of work to catch up. My training is specific to what I need and is easy to fit in, like while on lunch. I no longer dread learning, but I look forward to it. And it helped me get a promotion last year.”

  • Sarah, financial services broker

“eLearning has changed the way my team and I learn and work. We regularly outperform our targets, and the overall vibe at work is positive. Every person I interact with at work is happy and motivated. The best part is the easy access to information when I need it, and it’s short and focused on what matters, not long, boring, generic courses. I can solve problems that would have stressed me out in the past. When I look at my dashboard, I can’t believe how many courses I have completed.”

  • Mark, project manager in IT

“I love doing my training online, as I can complete it section by section whenever I have a few free minutes. Before I know it, I have completed a whole course and earned a badge. This type of learning really works for my personality as I get bored and distracted easily. I’m somehow able to remember and apply things, so it definitely makes me better at my job. After I’ve completed a course, it’s easy to go back and brush up on updates and get quick reminders because in my role, things have to be done a certain way, and mistakes can be risky."

  • Martha, administrator for a medical services provider

“The way our eLearning courses are structured makes learning new things and processes about my job easy. I learn what I need when I need it, and it’s not something that keeps going to the bottom of my to-do list. My courses are interesting with videos and diagrams and are divided into manageable sections, so I can work through them at my pace.”

  • Kenneth, logistics coordinator

“Microlearning resonates with our employees. It’s flexible and easy to access on their devices and in their own time. Learning has become something to look forward to, and there’s no wasted time or L&D budget. It helps the various employee profiles perform in their roles. They are motivated and invested in their own learning.”

  • Ayesha, HR Director

Employee perspectives on eLearning underscore its transformative impact on productivity and skills development. The analogy of eLearning as a power snack aptly captures its ability to fuel learning amidst daily disruptions, provided it’s founded on a solid strategy, personalised journeys, and leverages adult learning science. Ultimately, eLearning is not just a solution but a catalyst for organisational growth and employee empowerment in a fast-paced world.




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