How to get a matric if you're an adult


If you are well beyond schooling age and are interested in completing your matric exams there are a few things you need to know. Find out which institutions offer matric programmes and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.



Attempting to forge a career without a Matric Certificate (or National Senior Certificate, as it is officially known) can be incredibly challenging.

Having a Matric certificate forms the foundation of your career development and any further education you may seek. There are many adults who never had the opportunity to further their education or take advantage of employment opportunities because they lack the basic qualification that is the Matric certificate.

How to Redo Matric

Very few jobs these days will accept candidates who do not, at the very least, have their Matric and this is particularly challenging for experienced professionals who find themselves retrenched. With the world economy as unstable as it is, many workers are being let go and finding themselves unable to find another job because they do not have a Matric.

One way to do this is with the Department of Basic Education's Second Chance Matric programme.

Fortunately for those who were never able to obtain a Matric certificate there are many options available to adults who want to give themselves a solid foundation qualification to get ahead in life.

Adult Basic and Training (ABET) is creating initiatives to provide literacy and skills training to people who are no longer of schooling age and helping adults who want to get their Matric.

ABET's list of institutions that offer learning programmes for adults who wish to obtain their matric:

College of Supported Learning

Intec College

Asset - Association for Educational Transformation

St Francis Adult Education Centre


Abbots College

Equip Skills for Living

Jeppe College

Franciscan Matric Project

Hire Education

Taal-Net Training Institute

Tshwane College of Commerce and Computer Studies

DSDC College

SA Academy of Business and Computer Studies

There are two major regimes you can follow in order to complete your Matric and obtain the certificate:

Day or Night Classes Functioning similarly to a traditional school, Day or Night Classes are designed to give your learning experience structure. You can schedule your classes around your work if you need to, which makes night classes particularly useful for adults who want to get their Matric.

An example of this is the St Francis Adult Education Centre, which offers Matric classes and other courses to those who need them.

Distance learning Offering more flexibility, distance learning programmes are ideal for those who cannot take time off from work to go to classes. However, these programmes as offered by Damelin and Intec College require a great deal more discipline on your part as there are no scheduled classes. It's on you. Give it some thought - choose the option that best fits your lifestyle and what you can commit to. Do your research before you make a decision.

GED Grade 12 Equivalency Another option if you have not completed Matric or failed the exams is the GED Programme. Boston City Campus offers the GED online, giving you a chance to obtain the American equivalent of the South African Matric. Fully accredited, the GED is worth just as much as a Matric Certificate, giving you a second chance at earning your qualification and studying further if you wish.

All you need to enroll is a Grade 10 Certificate and be at least 16 years of age. The GED qualification will allow you to apply for further studies at a tertiary institution.


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