How To Apply For Teacher Assistant Jobs On SAYouth


Are you interested in seeking employment as a Teachers Assistant or School Assistant? Here's a guide on how to apply for school assistant jobs using SAYouth.



Are you looking to submit an application to become a school assistant or teacher assistant through the Basic Education Employment Initiative? To assist you in the application process for school assistant positions through the Basic Education Employment Initiative and become a Schools Assistant via, we have provided a step-by-step guide.

Since its implementation, the programme has given thousands of young people an opportunity to work as teaching assistants or general school assistants at schools in their communities.

Assistant Teacher Application Must Be Made on SAYouth.Mobi

The responsibilities of a teaching assistant may differ based on the educational level they are involved in, but commonly, they assist the teacher in activities like lesson preparation, classroom organization, and student assistance. Generally, the primary purpose of a teaching assistant is to aid the teacher or professor in providing high-quality education to students.

Applications are to be completed online by visiting the SAYouth.Mobi website and because the website is zero rated, it does not include any data costs.

SA Youth Teaching Assistant

Applications for the Teachers Assistant positions must be made on the SAYouth.Mobi website and not on a fake website.

A teacher's assistant is an individual who provides support to a teacher in a classroom environment.

How To Apply

  1. Visit the SAYouth.Mobi
  2. Register an account.
  3. Log in with your details.
  4. In the search bar, you should type 'school assistant' or search for the name of the school closest to you.
  5. A list of jobs available in your area will come up which will also include the opportunity cards for the schools that are closest to you. You must apply at schools that are within 5km from your home, or 30km for farm schools.
  6. Click the 'read more' button which would enable you to see further details about the job.
  7. If you are interested in the opportunity, click 'apply now'.
  8. Follow the prompts and provide the relevant information to complete your application.
  9. You will then receive confirmation that your application has been successful.

Should you be shortlisted, you will be contacted through SMS or a phone call by the school.

If you're given an interview, you will need to ensure you bring the required documents.

What documents will you need?

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Matric certificate or other NQF 4 or higher proof of qualification
  • CV
  • Testimonial letter

What Is SAYouth.Mobi? is a website and mobile platform dedicated to offering information and prospects to the youth in the country. Launched by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in collaboration with the South African government, the platform is designed to facilitate young people's access to information and resources covering areas such as education, employment, entrepreneurship, health, and social development.

Moreover, serves as a hub for career guidance, job listings, and training opportunities. Its purpose is to assist young individuals in navigating the challenges of transitioning from school to the workforce while encouraging their active involvement in the country's development.

Recognized for its user-friendly interface, is easily accessible through mobile devices, ensuring convenience for young people nationwide. Users can establish profiles on the platform, enabling them to apply for various opportunities like bursaries, internships, and jobs. Additionally, furnishes information on government programs and initiatives specifically tailored for the youth.

In addressing the hurdles that young people encounter in accessing education, employment, and other avenues, the NYDA and the South African government utilize this platform as a central resource hub. plays a pivotal role in fostering the overall development of the youth in South Africa by consolidating pertinent information and resources in one accessible location.




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