Disputed UIF Claim? Understanding the Appeals Process



Unemployment can be a huge burden depending on its underlying circumstances, lodging a UIF claim is thus the best course of action provided you are a registered contributor. But what do you do when your claim is rejected?



The misfortune of finding yourself suddenly unemployed can be devastating for various reasons. Fortunately, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) serves as a government intervention that provides temporary financial relief when this happens.

A monthly UIF contribution accounts for 2% of an employee’s salary. Half or 1% of this is paid by the employer while the other 1% is paid by the employee.

Who Can Apply For UIF Benefits?

The UIF allows registered contributors who have lost their income due to circumstances such as a dismissal, retrenchment or employment expired contracts to apply for UIF benefits.

Other circumstances under which employees can apply for UIF benefits include, illness leave, parental leave, adoption leave, reduced work time and maternity leave. Dependents of deceased UIF contributors can also apply for and receive UIF benefits.  

However, it is worth noting that you cannot apply for UIF if you have resigned but what happens if your UIF claim is rejected or disputed?

This can happen for a variety of reasons which include, submission of an incomplete claim application, incorrect employment records and other related information. The UIF usually communicates reasons for the rejection of a claim via email or call centre. 

How To Appeal A Rejected UIF Claim

It is also advisable for UIF applicants to visit their nearest labour centre to enquire about the rejected outcome of their claim. UIF applicants can lodge an appeal against their rejected or disputed UIF claim on the uFiling website. 

According  to the UIF’s guidelines this can be done by:

  1. Visiting the uFiling website 
  2. Click on “Benefit Application and Payments” 
  3. On the left-hand side and select “Notice of Appeal” and click on “Next”
  4. Verify or update Personal details if needed.
  5. Complete required information related to the declined application.
  6. Click on Submit to lodge your Notice of Appeal.

The UIF will then evaluate the merits or validity of the appeal. There is no set time for any feedback on your UIF appeal. 

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The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) in South Africa provides essential short-term financial assistance to individuals facing various employment-related circumstances. 




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