Employers Must Learn To Walk The Labour Law Tightrope



South African law does not allow employers to sue employees at the CCMA or Labour courts. In fact, it is clear that labour legislation and its enforcement structures are there to protect employees, often at the cost of employers.



Whether this is fair or not is academic. The fact is that, if employers cannot rely on labour law for protection, they must learn to protect themselves. This involves implementing strategies, systems and mechanisms for protecting the employer’s interests. Employers are warned however, that these self-protection mechanisms must themselves comply with the labour law in order to avoid infringing the myriad of employee rights contained in our labour legislation.

So, how can employers protect themselves? They need to learn how to walk the labour law tightrope between legal compliance and productive workplace management. This they can do by:

  • Developing human resources policies, procedures and rules that guide management in controlling employees both effectively and in compliance with the law
  • Ensuring that all managers and supervisors who hire, manage and fire employees have a thorough and clear grasp of what they may and may not do in carrying out their duties
  • Ensuring that all managers and supervisors are trained in the knowledge and skill required to manage employees in line with the law but, at the same time, in line with the requirements of productive workplace management.

The above protection mechanisms, if they are properly implemented, can assist towards leveling the playing fields on which employers and employees operate. They can enable employers to operate profitably while treating employees fairly.

The innovative video series WALKING THE LABOUR LAW TIGHTROPE provides very inexpensive training that allows the managers of every employer to obtain this essential knowhow, and to do so at times suitable to their very busy schedules. Its 48 chapters, averaging 10 minutes in length each, can easily be watched at junctures when the manager has time. 

The employer has the option of using this groundbreaking video series to train its managers and HR practitioners in groups and then follow-up by getting them to view the video chapters again at convenient junctures in order to ensure that they retain the learning gained. Alternatively, employers with self-learning systems can simply give their managers and HR practitioners access to the entire series for viewing at times that suit their busy work schedules.

This greatly informative yet very engaging and practical video series provides crucial and user-friendly learning through the use of a stimulating, animated case study that runs throughout the 48-chapter series. Each chapter contains clear and important advice needed by workplace management on the basics of labour law over a very wide range of topics. 

A further advantage is that the manager can, for a full year, easily go back to any of the 48 videos for purposes of refresher training or in order to access information on how to deal with a current workplace issue. This solves the problem of managers forgetting what they have learned and sustainably builds the managers’ capacity to manage the workplace effectively and in line with the law.

That is, this video series helps management to walk the shaky labour law tightrope and to run the workplace productively without falling into the labour law abyss.  

Enter our exciting competition to win a free license to access our 48-part video series, WALKING THE NEW LABOUR LAW TIGHTROPE. Just go to www.labourlawvideos.co.za  or contact Ivan on [email protected] 




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