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When looking at the merits, or concerns around, fracking we need to consider more viewpoints than just that of lobby groups, as important as these are, because there are other socio-economic issues at play, writes Noor Kapdi, Chairman of Dentons South Africa. He discusses the need to balance environmental concerns with socio-economic benefits when developing new energy sources like fracking in South Africa.

The FIRE movement, which stands for “financial independence, retire early”, is a programme of extreme savings and investments that allows people to retire far earlier than a traditional pension plan would permit., which helps South Africans make good money choices, examines whether this goal is attainable.

More than 9 million people are eligible for the R370 grant. Here's how to submit an appeal if you applications for the grant was rejected. 

Thousands of students rely on funding from NSFAS to cover essential costs related to their studies including rent. The financial aid scheme has confirmed the payment of allowances. 

As South Africa marks Youth Month, the country grapples with a staggering youth unemployment rate, with approximately 45% of individuals aged between 15 and 34 jobless. Amidst these challenge, all eyes will be on the new administration and its plans to tackle youth unemployment. 

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks to an organisation’s capital, investments, and/or profits.

While the draft South African Public Procurement Bill is a commendable attempt to overhaul the country’s procurement landscape, its success will depend heavily on the effectiveness of its implementation and the ability of institutions to adapt to new roles and responsibilities.

Employees encounter many disturbances throughout the day. Research conducted by Microsoft suggests that it takes just over 23 minutes for employees to regain focus after being interrupted. 




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