2023 NSFAS Appeals Are Currently Being Processed



Funding from the government bursary scheme is provided to thousands of deserving students every year. However, all students submitting applications may not be eligible for financial aid or may lose their funding due to academic circumstances. 



The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has rejected more than 300,000 applications for the 2023 academic year. These unsuccessful applicants have been advised to submit appeals so that the bursary scheme can re-evaluate their application.

Giving an update on the 2023 appeals process, the bursary scheme has alerted students that appeals are currently being processed. NSFAS explained that as appeals are approved the student portals and funding lists will be updated accordingly.

All students who submitted appeals have been encouraged to assist the process by submitting the correct documents once NSFAS requests them to do so.

NSFAS wrote in a tweet:

We have also noted a significant number of students with appeals that do not have relevant supporting documents. We urge students to please assist the process of appeals submitting the correct documents when requested to do so.

The bursary scheme has also urged all institutions to assist students in ensuring that they submit the correct documents.

How To Submit A NSFAS Appeal

In order to appeal your NSFAS application, you must do so using the myNSFAS portal. Here's how to submit your NSFAS appeal:

  1. Log into your “MyNSFAS" account on www.nsfas.org.za
  2. Click the 'Track Funding Progress' option
  3. Check the application progress tabs
  4. If your application status reflects an unsuccessful message, you may submit an appeal by clicking on the 'Submit Appeal Tab'
  5. Once you are on the 'Application Appeal' page, you can see the reason for your unsuccessful application status
  6. You are then able to choose the appeal reason
  7. Then upload certified supporting documents to support your reason
  8. Then click 'Submit Appeal'
  9. You may now track the progress of the appeal on your myNSFAS account. 

It is important to note that NSFAS applicants who want to appeal will also need to complete and download a relevant propensity letter.

Here are the propensity letters available for download:

The scheme also reminded students that any appeals submitted via email will not be accepted and NSFAS will respond to all appeals within 30 days of them being submitted. 

Students can find more information on NSFAS funding or which documents are needed to submit NSFAS appeals on the Careers Portal


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Thousands of households in South Africa cannot afford to absorb the cost of tertiary education for a student. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme aims to ensure that students from these households can pursue their tertiary education goals. However, some students who qualify for funding have been rejected from receiving the comprehensive bursary.




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