Applications Now Open For IEB Matric Exam Remarks



The matric results for the Class of 2023 from the IEB have been officially unveiled. If students are dissatisfied with their results, they have the option to submit an application for a matric remark.



The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) functions as an autonomous assessment entity, providing various accredited assessments, benchmarked assessments, and training, including the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

Despite the 2023 IEB matric class achieving an impressive 98.46% pass rate, students who are not content with their results have the option to apply for a matric exam remark, seeking improvement in their matriculation scores.

The window for IEB matric exam remark applications is currently open and will remain so until 1 February . The matric remark results will be released on 1 March.

The IEB announced the following:

The closing date for the application for the remarking is 1 February 2024 and the results from remarking will be released on 1 March 2024.

How To Apply For An IEB Matric Remark

The procedure for requesting a remark is not complicated at all. Candidates receive all the necessary details and information about the process alongside their results.

If needed, candidates can apply for a remark online directly through the IEB website, as the school is not authorized to apply on their behalf. The deadline for submitting all applications will be specified and released with the results, and it is imperative that candidates adhere to this due date.

Upon submission of your re-mark request, the IEB undertakes a comprehensive review of the examination papers, assigning them to seasoned examiners for the re-marking process.

How To View Your IEB Matric Remark Results

Pupils will be able to find their results online using the IEB website when they are released. 

Results can also be accessed through SMS. If the IEB has been provided with your cellphone number, your results will automatically be sent to the number provided.

How IEB Matric Exam Remarks Work

IEB matric exam remarks enable students to seek a re-evaluation of their examination papers if they feel that their matric results doesn't truly represent their performance. This procedure seeks to rectify any potential mistakes or oversights that might have occurred during the initial marking of the papers.

Remarks offer a notable benefit through the rigorous quality assurance processes enforced by the IEB. The IEB's marking standards are recognized for their dependability and precision, guaranteeing a consistent and fair assessment of each examination paper.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to emphasize that the IEB Matric Exam Remarks should not be viewed merely as a second opportunity for students to enhance their results. Rather, they function as a mechanism to rectify potential errors or discrepancies that may have arisen during the initial marking process.

Applications for IEB matric rewrites are currently open as well and will close on 15 March.

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