BREAKING: ANC Calls For Government Of National Unity


ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has spoken to the media after a full-day's meeting of the ANC's National Executive Committee and outlined the party's plans for the future governance of the country.



ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for a 'government of national unity' as the ANC's plan for the way ahead after the party failed to gain a majority in the national elections. Ramaphosa was addressing the media after a full-day's meeting of the ANC's National Executive Committee.

The ANC has accepted the outcome of the election as the will of the people - confirming that the party is the largest in country, but did not receive a majority of the votes. Having achieved only 40% of the vote he expressed the view that the ANC is the largest political party and there can be no solution in the country without the ANC.

He confirmed that the NEC had mandated the negotiating team to seek parties to participate in the Government of National Unity.

The purpose of the GNU including job creation, inclusive economic growth, the high cost of living, service delivery, crime and corruption. He said that there should be the unity of the people of SA and multi-party collaboration to overcome the severe challenges that confront the country. South Africans expect their leaders to work together to meet their needs. They should act together for the good of everyone.

Ramaphosa confirmed that his party had already had discussions with a number of parties and named the EFF, IFP, DA, NFP and PA. The recently-formed MK party was not mentioned so it seems that the ANC has not had discussion with this party, which is led by the former ANC leader Jacob Zuma.

The ANC President confirmed that plans for the future government must include targets for economic growth, inclusion and development.

He said that all parties must commit to the rule of law, the Constitution, and development of the country.

Ramaphosa also expressed the NEC's view that there should be a national dialogue including social partners to aid the recovery from a particularly toxic election campaign.

"This ANC NEC meeting has just concluded a full day of discussion on the election outcomes and the way ahead.   We have recognised that the people of South Africa have made their wishes known in free and fair elections.   We accept the outcome of these elections as the will of the people.   The ANC has emerged from these elections as the largest political party in the country.   We are humbled by the confidence that the people have shown in the ANC. We have heard their concerns, frustrations and aspirations". Cyril Ramaphosa, ANC President

This is a developing story.

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