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For many South African students, the matric exams are a crucial gateway to higher education. A matric rewrite allows you to improve your matric results and unlock a wider range of study opportunities at the tertiary level.



The application period for the November 2024 National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) matric rewrites has closed. This means if you were hoping to improve your matric results this year, you'll need to wait until the next exam session.

Don't worry, here's what to do next. The next chance to rewrite your matric exams will be in May/June 2025.

If you're taking the upcoming May/June 2024 matric exams, you'll have another chance to rewrite specific subjects in November 2024. You can register for the November rewrite after receiving your May/June matric rewrite results, which will be released in August 2024.

NSC candidates who write the 2024 May/June candidates are the only candidates eligible to register for the November NSC examination when their results are released in August 2024.

While applications for the November 2024 rewrite are closed, there's still plenty of time to plan for 2025. Applications to rewrite your matric exams in May/June 2025 will open in October 2024.

If you missed the deadline for the 2024 May/June and November examinations, don't worry, you can register in October 2024 for the 2025 examination period.

How To Register For Matric Rewrite

You will need a copy of your ID and your Matric certificate or statement of results to register. Once you have compiled all the necessary documentation, you may visit the local district office of your provincial education department to apply for a Matric rewrite.

Candidates may also register online on the eServices website.

Second Chance Matric Programme 

Learners who want to rewrite their matric exams are encouraged to apply for the Second Chance Matric Programme (SCMP). The programme assists learners by providing them with comprehensive support in preparing for a rewrite. 

Support for learners part of the programme includes face-to-face classes, as well as online programmes and television and radio broadcasts. Learners are also provided with resource packs to assist them in their preparation for matric exams. 

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