Department Releases 2024 May/June Matric Exam Rewrite Timetable


Thousands of learners are expected to participate in the 2024 May/June Matric Exams. Here's the timetable for the matric exam rewrites. 



The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has released the timetable for the upcoming May/June matric exams. This includes both the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams for new students and the Senior Certificate (SC) exam rewrites.

The exams kick off in late April and run through June. The schedule starts with various smaller language subjects, followed by English in the afternoon. Important note for SC exam rewrites: Only subjects marked with an asterisk (*) on the timetable are available for rewrite.

Matric exam timetable

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Understanding Matric Passes

Earning your National Senior Certificate opens doors to different tertiary education options depending on your marks:

  • Higher Certificate Pass: This allows you to pursue vocational programs at a college or university of technology, focusing on specific skills and preparing you for industry careers. You can later build on this with an Advanced Diploma.
  • Diploma Pass: This qualifies you for diploma programs at universities of technology or TVET Colleges. Diploma options include advanced diplomas and national diplomas.
  • Bachelor's Pass: This grants you access to bachelor's degree programs at universities and colleges of your choice.

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