Half A Millions Students Expected At TVET Colleges In 2024


In South Africa, there are fifty TVET colleges comprising over 250 campuses. These institutions offer comprehensive training across various disciplines including engineering, media, hospitality, business, utilities, and tourism.



The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is expecting enrollment figures to reach a total of 482,244 learners in all programmes at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges for the 2024 academic year. Among these, 421,518 learners will be enrolled in Ministerial programmes, with 166,634 being new learners.

The Department plans to fund a total of 407,762 learners, and the cost for additional enrollments will be covered by the National Skills Fund, SETAs, learners, and the reserve fund utilised at TVET colleges.

While the budget for TVET Colleges increased last year, the Department clarified that due to the rise in programme costs and a more than 10% increase in employee compensation for 2024, the budget allocated to colleges is, in real terms, declining. 

Consequently, Ministerially funded enrollment is expected to decrease by more than 15% next year, limiting opportunities for new TVET College students.

This trend has persisted in recent years due to the minimal increase in the base budget

National Certificate (Vocational) programmes 

NC(V) Courses, serving as an alternative to a Matric Certificate, focus on cultivating students in specialised areas, providing them with the skills and knowledge essential for a prosperous career.

NATED Programmes/Report 191 Programmes

NATED Programmes typically entail months of theoretical studies at a TVET college, complemented by practical applications in relevant workplaces.

2024 TVET College Calendar 

NCV Programmes

 Term 1 classes for NC(V) programmes commence on 15 January and conclude on 10 March. Supplementary examinations take place from 13 February to 8 March.

Term 2 starts on 3 April and concludes on 14 June. Term 3 kicks off on 9 July and concludes on 20 September, with 14 days allocated for internal examinations.

The academic year concludes in Term 4, starting on 1 October and ending on 1 November. Additional components, such as Life Skills & Computer Literacy (P2), are scheduled from 28 October to 1 November, with examinations from 4 November to 6 December.

The colleges close for the year on 11 December. In total, students can expect 177 lecturing days and 210 staff service days throughout the year.

NATED Programmes

Business and Utility Studies 

Semester 1 classes commence on 8 January and conclude on 20 March. Term 2 of the first semester starts on 3 April and ends on 17 May, with examinations from 20 May to 14 June.

Semester 2's Term 3 commences on 9 July, concluding on 20 September. Term 4 starts on 1 October, ending on 1 November, with examinations from 5 November to 6 December. The year concludes on 11 December, summing up to 153 lecturing days and 210 staff service days.

Natural Science Studies 

Trimester 1 classes start on 8 January and end on 20 March. Examinations for this trimester take place from 25 March to 19 April, with the colleges closing on 19 April.

Trimester 2 commences on 13 May, concluding on 20 May, and examinations from 24 July to 16 August, with the colleges closing on 16 August.

Trimester 3 starts on 2 September and ends on 10 September, with examinations from 15 November to 9 December. The year wraps up on 11 December, resulting in 142 lecturing days and 210 staff service days.

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There are fifty registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa which operate on more than 264 campuses spread across the rural and urban areas of the country that you can choose from.




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