Predicted SRD Grant Payment Schedule For The Rest Of 2024


Millions of people have welcomed the extension of the SRD Grant. However, the people who rely on the grant don't yet know when they will be paid. 



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has confirmed the extension of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant distribution until at least March 2025, as announced by the Finance Minister during the 2024 Budget Speech.

Additionally, it was revealed that the SRD grant's value would increase from R350 to R370 in April 2024.

While this announcement provided much-needed relief for the millions of vulnerable beneficiaries, uncertainty remains regarding the timing of future payments.

Sassa has yet to confirm the SRD grant payment schedule for the remainder of 2024 and 2025. However, understanding Sassa's grant payment policy offers insight into potential payment dates.

Predicting SRD Grant Payment Dates

To anticipate SRD grant payment dates, it's crucial to note that Sassa does not disburse grants on weekends or public holidays.

Previously, SRD grant payments were typically made during the final week of each month, following various verification checks conducted by Sassa to assess applicant eligibility.

Predicted SRD Grant Payment Dates For The Rest Of The 2024 Financial Year

April - 22 April to 30 April

May - 27 May to 31 May

June - 24 June to 28 June

July - 22 July to 31 July

August - 19 August to 24 August

September - 20 September to 28 September

October - 21 October to 29 October

November - 25 November to 30 November

December - 13 December to 20 December

January - 27 January to 31 January

February - 24 February to 28 February

It's important to note that these dates are not confirmed. These are just predicated dates based on Sassa’s previous SRD grant payment dates and taking into account the public holidays and weekends. 

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During the 2024 Budget Speech, Finance Minister, Enoch Godongwana announced that Sassa grants will be increased. These Sassa increases are officially in effect.




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