Registration Still Open For Unisa Postgrad Qualifications



The University of South Africa, what is commonly known as Unisa, has not yet closed their registration period for postgraduate courses. If you haven't registered yet, you still have some time and should register as soon as possible.



Unisa's registration period for undergraduate qualifications has now closed for semester and year modules. However, those wanting to study postgrad courses can still register.

The registration period is however only open for registering year modules. This applies for honours degrees, postgraduate diplomas, masters and doctoral qualifications with the closing date being 31 March 2023.

The following steps demonstrate how to register online:

  1. Go to the Unisa registration website:
  2. Choose the qualification level and then click "Go".

  3. Enter your student number in the block provided and the other details as required. (If you do not have a student number you won’t be able to continue. You'll need to apply online for admission. During this process, a student number will be generated and communicated to you.)

  4. Check your personal details on screen.

    • Change any contact details that are incorrect or missing. (Incorrect information may delay the delivery of your study material and prevent you from receiving important information from the university. Therefore it is important to provide your correct address and cellphone numbers.)

  5. Click on the modules from the drop-down list for which you want to register. Ensure that you meet all the qualification requirements for your selected modules. You must:

    • meet all the pre-requisites and co-requisites for the selected module

    • enter the correct module code

    • select the correct semester (1 = first semester; 2 = second semester)

  6. The language of tuition for each module is stated in the module information.
  7. Do not exceed the prescribed number of modules per semester or year, as this may result in a delay in your registration being processed.
  8. Calculate your fees
  9. Submit your registration.  

A very important part of becoming a Unisa student is registering. For those students who may have already submitted their registrations, you might want to know how to check your Unisa registration status. 

Here's how to track your Unisa registration status:

  1. Go to UNISA Registration Status website
  2. Enter your personal Information for verification purposes. 
  3. Enter your student number in the space provided.
  4. Enter your surname 
  5. Enter your full first names 
  6. Select your date of birth 
  7. Click on “Continue”
  8. You should then be able to check the status of your Unisa registration 

Unisa has also advised that if students experience challenges in tracking their Unisa registration status, they should ensure that they read the error message carefully. They should then correct their personal details before clicking on “continue” to recheck their registration status. 

Applications for Unisa's Short Learning Programmes are still open until 31 March 2023 for year courses. Semester courses have already closed.

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The University of South Africa’s (Unisa) short courses are curated to update or enhance a student's skills and knowledge in a specific field of study. Students interested in registering for the 2023 academic year are encouraged to do so to avoid missing the looming deadline.




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