Sassa Confirms Grant Payment Amounts For June 2024



There are more than 28 million Sassa grant beneficiaries in South Africa. Sassa has confirmed how much grant beneficiaries will be paid in June 2024. 



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) provides social grants that are essential for many South Africans. These grants help fight poverty and ensure people have enough money to cover basic needs. 

There are different grants available, including Older Persons pension grant, Disability grant, War Veterans grant, Care Dependency grant, Foster Child grant, Child Support grant, Child Support grant Top-Up and Grant-in-aid.

Currently, around 19 million people receive these permanent Sassa grants, and an additional 9 million benefit from the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.

Sassa Grant Amounts for June 2024

The grant amounts increased in April 2024, as announced by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana. Here's a breakdown of the current grant values:

  • Older Persons Grant: R2,180 (R2,200 for those 75 years and older)
  • Disability Grant: R2,180
  • War Veterans Grant: R2,200
  • Care Dependency Grant: R2,180
  • Foster Child Grant: R1,180
  • Child Support Grant: R530
  • Child Support Grant (Top-Up): R530 + R250
  • SRD Grant: R370

Sassa Grant Payment Dates in June 2024

Sassa has confirmed the grant payment dates for June 2024. 

Older Persons Grant - 4 June 2024

Disability Grants - 5 June 2024

Children's Grants - 6 June 2024

Sassa Grant Increases Coming in October 2024

Beneficiaries can expect another increase in their Sassa grants on 1 October 2024. The announced rises are:

  • A R10 increase for Older Persons Grants (both amounts)
  • A R10 increase for Disability Grants, War Veterans Grants, and Care Dependency Grants
  • No change for Foster Child Grants or the base Child Support Grant amount
  • A R10 increase for the Child Support Grant Top-Up
  • No change for the SRD Grant

"We understand the rising cost of living affects the nearly 19 million South Africans who rely on these grants," said Finance Minister Godongwana. 

We've allocated as much as possible to support them within our budget.

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