Sassa Disability Grant Appeals Now Available



Having your Sassa grant application rejected can be extremely distressing for individuals who meet all the eligibility criteria. Individuals whose disability grant application was rejected can submit an appeal application and hopefully be approved for grant payment. 



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has called for Disability grant applicants to submit a grant appeal application if their application is rejected. This will ensure that people who are deriving from the Sassa disability grant receive the support they need. 

The disability grant is geared towards assisting individuals that have a physical or mental disability making them unfit to work for a period of longer than six months. The grant ensures that they have some financial support while they are unable to work. 

Currently, millions of people are benefiting from the disability grant. However, many individuals who submitted applications for the grant were rejected from receiving the vital relief mechanism. 

Sassa is encouraging all unsuccessful disability grant applications to submit an appeal application. 

The appeal must be lodged within 30 days of receiving a rejection letter, and the review process also takes 30 days. 

It is only an SASSA medical contracted doctor that can conduct the assessment and submit a report to SASSA which determines whether the applicant qualifies for a temporary or permanent disability grant. The assessment report is based on the information presented to the doctor and a physical assessment also is conducted

Sassa works with contracted medical professionals to assess applicants' eligibility for disability grants and the assessment is based on information provided to the doctor and physical assessment.

To be eligible for a disability grant, the applicant must meet specific requirements, including being a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee permanently residing in South Africa, and undergoing a medical or functional assessment confirming disability. 

Additionally, applicants need to meet certain means test criteria and provide the necessary identification documents.

For more information and assistance, applicants can contact the provided toll-free numbers during working days/hours or use WhatsApp for inquiries.

For more information applicants are advised to contact the toll-free number during working days/hours on Monday – Friday 0800 60 10 11/013 754 9428/9363 and WhatsApp on 082 046 8553.

If your disability grant appeal application is approved, you will receive an R2 090 disability grant payment. Disability grant payments are made at the beginning of every month. Here are the grant payment dates. 

Continue Using Your Expired Sassa Gold Card

Postbank has announced Sassa Gold Cards issued will remain fully operational for disbursing social grants well beyond December 2023. This is a welcome relief for the millions of grant recipients who will no longer be required to renew their Sassa Gold cards.

Sassa offers a range of permanent grants that cover support for various groups, including pensioners, individuals with disabilities, war veterans, and the care of children. These grants include the Child Support Grant, Foster Care Grant, and Child Support Grant Top-Up, which many beneficiaries access using their Sassa Gold cards.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that approximately 5.3 million cards were due for replacement by 31 December 2023, with many of these Sassa Gold cards having already expired. While beneficiaries were allowed to use these cards until the end of the year due to Sassa's extension of their validity, they remained uncertain over the fate of expired cards in 2024.

Postbank's announcement ensures that millions of people can continue using their Sassa Gold cards, even if they have expired. 

Benefits Of The Sassa Gold Card 

Grant beneficiaries are reminded that SASSA Gold Cards can be used to withdraw Sassa grants from a wide network of the country’s ATMs, of any bank as well as several retailers, such as Boxer, Pick n Pay, Usave, Spar, and Shoprite. 

This diversity of channels reduces the need for beneficiaries to stand in long queues at Post Offices or cash pay points.

Sessa Gold Cards also offer numerous transaction benefits, including free withdrawals inside retail shops, free 3-month statements and balance inquiries. 


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A Sassa gold card allows millions of grant beneficiaries to access critical social support to purchase basic goods and services every month. An important decision made by the Postbank will allow grant beneficiaries to continue using their gold cards even if it is expired. 




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