Should Nsfas Students Ignore Bursary Agreement Email?



Students who benefit from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) received an email which called on them to sign an application form. However, the scheme has come out to clarify if this action is necessary.




The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) has called on students to ignore an email that they received in recent weeks. The email instructed beneficiaries of the scheme to sign their Nsfas bursary agreement form.

Nsfas said that students do not need to sign their Nsfas Bursary Agreement (NBA). They explained that this email which instructed them to sign their bursary agreement form was sent to students as a result of a system glitch.

“Please note that Nsfas funded students do not need to sign their NBA. This is as a result of the Terms and Conditions being accepted by the application during the application process” explained the scheme.

Nsfas added that the payment of funds and Nsfas allowances will not be affected if students choose to not sign the NBA. These allowances will also not be affected if students choose to sign and return the NBA to Nsfas

They also called on students to practise caution when receiving emails related to their Nsfas bursaries. This as many unscrupulous individuals use the identity of official government entities to conduct fraudulent activities and prey on unsuspecting individuals.

“We would like to caution all recipients of that email communion to verify that the email address is from an official Nsfas email address, which would be [email protected] before clicking on any links” said Nsfas.

Students can report any suspicions on the Nsfas Vuvuzela Hotline. The Nsfas Vuvuzela Hotline was set up so students can report fraudulent activity related to the Nsfas bursary.

Here’s How To Report Fraud On The Nsfas Vuvuzela Hotline

The Nsfas bursary aims to alleviate the unaffordable cost of tertiary education students from poor and working class backgrounds face. The bursary covers tuition costs, accommodation costs, living expenses, transportation costs, textbook costs and provides students with a meal allowance. 





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