Unisa Bachelor of Social Work Programme Is Being Phased Out



Finding out that the programme you are currently enrolled in is being phased out can be distressing for students. South Africa's largest university has revealed the way forward for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work Programme.



The University of South Africa (Unisa) says students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work course will be supported while the programme is being phased out.

A news article published last week sparked concern that students currently enrolled in the programme will be left in a state of uncertainty. 

The university is concerned about the gross distortions in both the heading and parts of the content of the article, particularly considering that it provided the reporter with sufficient correct information when responding to his media enquiry. 

Unisa said the programme still exists and a plan is a place to assist students enrolled in the programme. This plan includes assisting students finish their course in the specified timeframe while also granting extensions to students who require it. 

Why The Programme Is Being Phased Out 

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) programme was replaced in 2018 with a new, accredited version of the degree. The old BSW was accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). 

Unisa explained that A Teach-Out plan, which was approved by the CHE, was implemented to support and enable students who were in the pipeline of the old BSW to complete the qualification. This timeframe catered to 2018 for 1st-level students, 2021 for 2nd-level students, 2022 for 3rd-level students and 2023 for 4th-level students.

The university maintains constant communication with students enrolled in the old BSW programme as well as supporting them. 

During the entire period of the Teach-Out plan, the university communicated constantly and provided support to the affected students to ensure that they were able to complete the programme within the required timeframe.

However, some students were unable to complete the old programme within the stipulated time frame. Unisa then approached the CHE with a request for an extension until 31 December 2026.

This was done precisely because the university has the interests of the students at heart and wants to ensure that all students are afforded adequate opportunity to complete the programme. 

Unisa confirmed that the CHE has provided its stamp of approval for the extension of the Teach-Out Plan to 31 December 2026. 

The CHE has also commended the university for its commitment to engage with all stakeholders pertaining to this matter. 

Unisa plans to communicate with all the affected students. The institution further encouraged students to rely on information available on official university channels. 

"The university will communicate formally with the affected students; and also urges them to rely on official university communication for accurate and correct information."

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