Unisa Launches New Student App



Unisa has unveiled a fresh student application. The newly introduced Unisa Student App grants users the capability to utilize administrative functions and stay informed through communications from Unisa.



The University of South Africa (Unisa) recently launched a new application designed for both prospective and current students. This app is designed to handle a variety of tasks, ranging from monitoring Unisa applications to managing student administrative processes.

Upon installation of the Unisa Student App, prospective students can track the status of their Unisa applications, complete required application fee payments, and respond to offers from Unisa.

Presently, the Unisa Student App is compatible with Android devices, and there are intentions to broaden its compatibility to other platforms soon. It can be obtained through the Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

It is crucial to emphasize that the Unisa Student App predominantly focuses on administrative functions, setting it apart from the myModules App, which has been available for a while and is specifically designed for teaching and learning content.

Unisa has announced plans to introduce more features to the app as they continue developing it, aiming to improve the overall user experience.

Unisa 2024 Applications 

Unisa opened their 2024 applications on 1 September and closed the 2024 application period on 17 November. This application period was for anyone wanting to study undergraduate qualifications such as Higher Certificate programmes, Advanced Certificate programmes, Diploma programmes, Advanced Diploma programmes and Degree programmes. 

2024 Unisa applications for Master's and Doctoral degrees are however still open and will close on 31 January 2024.

Unisa 2024 Registration

All Unisa registrations for the 2024 academic year will open on 10 January 2024. This applies to students registering for semester or year modules.

While Unisa registration for all programmes opens on the same, the registration closing date will depend on whether it is a year or semester module. 

Undergraduate Qualifications

Semester modules: 10 January 2023 - 12 February 2024

Year modules: 10 January 2023 - 22 February 2024

Honours Degrees & Postgraduate Diplomas 

Semester modules: 10 January 2023 - 12 February 2024

Year modules: 10 January 2023 - 22 February 2024

Masters & Doctoral Qualifications

10 January - 29 February 2024

In conclusion, the introduction of the Unisa Student App marks a significant step forward in streamlining administrative processes for both prospective and current students. 

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