Unisa Opens Registration For Semester Two Modules



Unisa's second semester registration period has officially opened. The distance learning university has the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment, attracting a third of all higher education students in the country.



The University of South Africa, known commonly as Unisa, is the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment. It attracts a third of all higher education students in the country.

Semester two registration has officially opened at Unisa, for qualifications which include:

  • Undergraduate qualifications
  • Honours degrees
  • Postgraduate diplomas
  • MBA and MBL qualifications

Registrations open from today, 3 July 2023 and will remain open until 14 July 2023, and applies to semester modules only.

Earlier this year, Unisa students voiced their frustrations due to difficulties experienced when attempting to register online. At the time, Unisa disputed the claims made the Daily Maverick, who alleged that online registration is a something of a "nightmare" for students at the institution. 

The headline reads "Trying to register with Unisa is a ‘nightmare’, say many students", and goes on to include three different accounts from three different students enrolled at the university. 

The students all tell a story about how they have been battling to register, as well as simply get in contact with the university, and how they have all been left without proper support. 

Unisa has attributed the challenges of its online platforms and portals to the "digital gap in our society", which is why students may often need to physically visit a campus. 

Registration and assistance with university admin is a common difficulty experienced by students across South Africa's various institutions, that typically arises around the beginning of the academic year. 

Registration for semester two at Unisa can be done online, via the institution's official website and platform.


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