Unisa Releasing Results For 2023 May/June Exams



Unisa students recently completed their May/June exams for the 2023 academic year and to ensure that students understand the outcome of their exam result. The university has provided descriptions of each result code for the purpose of clarity.



The University of South Africa, has successfully concluded its May/June 2023 examination period, marking the completion of the first semester academic period. According to a statement released by the university, there has been a remarkable increase in student engagement with online learning activities during this examination period. 

The university has now commenced the staggered release of the May/June 2023 examination results and anticipated that most marks would have been released by 7 July.

Unisa received an impressive 3.1 million student assignments and examination submissions, demonstrating the students' strong commitment to learning and active participation.

One notable observation highlighted in the statement is a significant decline in the non-usage of proctoring tools. The university attributes this decline to the students' growing familiarity and proficiency with Unisa's proctoring and invigilation tools. 

This suggests that students have adapted well to the online examination format, resulting in a smoother examination process overall. As the examination period concludes, students may find it necessary to understand the various result codes that appear on their academic records. 

Here Is What Unisa’s Results Codes Mean

Unisa provides a comprehensive description of these codes to clarify their meaning and the required actions. The result codes include:

  • Pass: A student passes a module when they achieve a final mark of 50% or higher.
  • Pass with distinction: Students receive this designation when they obtain a final mark of 75% or above.
  • Failed: If a student's final mark is below 50%, they fail the module and need to re-register.
  • Absent from examination: This code indicates that the university did not receive the student's submission within the allowed submission period. Re-registration is required for undergraduate students, while postgraduate students need to re-register for the module.
  • Supplementary examination: This outcome is granted to students who failed or were absent from the first examination opportunity, or postgraduate students who received a final mark between 40% and 49%. Students who qualify for a supplementary opportunity do not need to re-register.
  • Results outstanding: When the marking process is still in progress, students receive this outcome. Starting from 21 July 2023, students can inquire about their outstanding results by contacting [email protected].
  • Not admitted to an examination: If a student fails to meet the examination admission criteria, they are required to re-register.
  • Absent – Supplementary: This outcome is given to students who failed to utilize the required proctoring tool during their first examination opportunity. Re-registration is necessary for students who fail to use the proctoring tool in their second opportunity.
  • Script rejected: Students receive this outcome if they fail to use the required proctoring tool or submit a password-protected or corrupt file in their second examination opportunity. Eligible students will be deferred to the next examination opportunity for the affected module. No further opportunities are granted beyond the second chance, and affected students are requested to re-register.
  • Disciplinary Pending: If a student is suspected of academic misconduct, they receive this outcome. Unisa recommends re-registration for the module while the disciplinary process is ongoing.

The May/June 2023 examination period covered first semester modules, including second examination opportunities and year module supplementary examinations. 

Students who were unsuccessful in their second examination opportunities are advised to re-register for their modules. It is important to note that Unisa does not provide third examination opportunities for students to rewrite their exams.

Students can also apply to have their scripts remarked should they be unhappy with their Unisa exam results received. The online remark application form is available on myUnisa. 

The conclusion of the May/June 2023 exams marks another successful milestone for Unisa and its students. The university commends the students' commitment and perseverance in navigating the online learning environment and wishes them continued success in their academic endeavours.

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