Unisa Students Experiencing NSFAS Allowance Delays


It is starting to seem that the implementation of the NSFAS' new allowance disbursement system is off to a bad start. The students at Unisa are among those who’ve raised complaints about the payment system.    



For the 2023 academic year, the NSFAS introduced a new funding model that would see benefiting students receive their allowances directly from the scheme. The payment system was launched through a collaboration between NSFAS and third party financial service providers such as Norraco, eZaga, Tenet Technologies and Coinvest.

The aim was to ensure transparency and accountability when it comes to the disbursement of monthly allowances to students by NSFAS. However, there seems to be some notable flaws with the direct payment system according to the University of Africa (Unisa)

The university recently stated that its students raised various complaints about not receiving their funds on time or having funds vanish from their NSFAS bank account. The university added that this has prompted some university students to embark in protests.

This discontent on the part of students has resulted in protest action experienced by some universities. Also, some student organisations have indicated that they could mobilise students in other universities across the country to embark on protest action.

Affected NSFAS funded students the university are serviced by Coinvest and the university has said that they are exploring ways in which they will intervene. 

Meanwhile Unisa also acknowledged the recent engagements between NSFAS and various university stakeholders regarding the issue. Adding that they will work with NSFAS and their assigned service provider to find a solution. 

“On its part Unisa, through its Student Funding Directorate, Coinvest and student leadership are working with NSFAS to find a workable solution in ensuring that our students are not disadvantaged unfairly.”

NSFAS also released a statement in which they assured all affected stakeholders that a probe will be launched into the complaints and that service providers will be instructed to be more present in institutions to assist students with queries. 

The bursary scheme further stated that they will ensure that more clarity is provided on how students can access their allowance and resolve delays. This will then be followed by further engagement between university stakeholders, NSFAS leadership as well as service providers on Friday 14 July 2023.

The out come of this engagement is that NSFAS has called on tertiary institutions to promptly the remaining 25% of the required registration data. This because the payment of NSFAS is schedule for the 31 July 2023. 

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