When Will 2023 October/November Matric Rewrites Commence?


Obtaining a matric certificate is an important milestone, as it can open doors to higher education and employment prospects. However, not all journeys towards this achievement are smooth, as some candidates may face setbacks due to poor results. 



Thankfully, the Second Chance Programme provides a lifeline for candidates seeking to rewrite their National Senior Certificate and Senior Certificate exams.

The Department of Basic Education recognizes that setbacks in matric exams can be disheartening, but they firmly believe in second chances.

Through the Second Chance Programme, candidates who previously fell short of their desired outcomes are granted the opportunity to rewrite their exams, giving them another shot at success.

Registration Deadline Update

Recently, the Department of Basic Education concluded the registration period for matric candidates aiming to participate in the upcoming matric exam rewrites scheduled for the end of 2023. Candidates who have registered are likely eager to know the commencement date of the October/November exam period.

Commencement of October/November Exam Rewrite Period

For those who are registered and gearing up for the October/November exam rewrite, the Department of Basic Education has confirmed the crucial dates. 

The registration for the 2023 October/November exam rewrite period is set to begin on 30 October 2023, and will extend through the first week of December. It's important to note that this exam period is exclusively available for National Senior Certificate candidates.

Preparation Is Key

As the exam rewrite period approaches, participating candidates are encouraged to invest ample time in preparation. This includes downloading the final exam timetable and making the most of past exam scripts for Grade 12 subjects. 

These resources can be accessed conveniently on the Careers Portal website. Proper preparation can significantly increase candidates' chances of achieving improved results.

Looking Ahead: 2024 May/June Matric Rewrites

While the focus remains on the upcoming October/November exam rewrite, it's also important to consider the opportunities that lie ahead. The education department has revealed that registration for the 2024 May/June matric exams will open on 2 October 2023. 

The registration window will remain open until 9 February 2024. Candidates interested in participating in the May/June 2024 exams can register online or in person. Registration locations include provincial education district offices and examination centres where candidates previously wrote their exams.

As the October/November rewrite period draws closer, candidates are advised to use available resources and dedicate time to thorough preparation.




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